Saturday, April 2, 2016


I stress painted yesterday.
It's ok.  It needed to be done.
I painted the upstairs bathroom.

This is the patch it up paint job to hold us over until 
we remove all drywall, tile and start over with the floor plan.

We are planning to have a house guest all summer
and couldn't leave it all ugly and patchy
as it was.

In theory this is a light blue...
but it definitely looks white with so much other 
strong blue around it.

At least I didn't tackle the kitchen/dining room project.
That will definitely wait for a while.

The kitchen will be needed very soon to begin making 
bundt cakes for the wedding.
Many, many small ones and nine large.

Last evening was the concert we've been preparing 
for during the past ten weeks at the homeschool co-op.

The kids did so very well!
I'm very, very proud of them!!

One of the dads hit the nail on the head
when he told Warren and I that the role I get to 
play at co-op is like that of the grandma.
Unlike the years my kids went there and I was in leadership,
nowadays I get to go, teach, love on the kids....
and go home!
No stress of getting all of us ready and there on time.
No stress that comes with leadership.
Just the fun stuff, for the most part.

No wonder it is such a pleasure.

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Theresa said...

Stress painting? LOOKS great! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!