Saturday, April 9, 2016

Merciful God

I know it feels like a drama a day around here.  Believe me, I know.  We are living it.  Today was no exception.

 Because Chadd had the day off from work and it was snowing we volunteered to drive Chelsea to work this morning.  Normally they carpool because Chadd doesn't have a car yet after his accident.
Maybe they would carpool anyway since they like each other, work similar shifts and save money any way they can. :-)

 We first had a nice breakfast together.   Chelsea, Warren and I, at our favorite local cafe, The Daily Grind.  Then we headed out across the road I hate, May Post Office Road.  It is a higher elevation than the rest of the roads that go north and south.  It is twisty and curvy.  Most times you'll find Amish buggies or pedestrians on scooters or just walking along the road.  This is the road that Warren slid off of earlier this year.  Mom has had very bad trips across it.  I've come across a car flipped over on a curve.  It is as beautiful as it is treacherous, though.  As you crest the big hill you can see for miles and miles over the Lancaster County vistas.  Rolling hills with green grass, pastures and even sheep make you think of Ireland in some places.  But for all of the beauty it is still a very nasty road.
I was doing my running commentary on this as we drove.  Poor Warren.

We had come through the highest and curviest area and I was beginning to breathe a sigh of relief as the snow was sticking on the road and getting worse by the minute.  One more curve to navigate and we would be on the straightaway that leads into Strasburg.

And then we saw it.  A vehicle on its side.  Honestly at first I didn't think about it being Jonathan because I thought he was already at home from his overnight shift.  Then I saw the type of vehicle and said that I hoped it wasn't him.  By then, Warren was pretty much sure that it was.  By the time our van was stopped I also knew....and jumped out.  As I headed alongside the road I saw Amish men and children, some English and no emergency responders.  Then my eyes focused on a tall guy in the midst and he raised his hand in a wave.  Yes!  It was Jonathan and he was on his feet.  Looking at me.

I couldn't believe that God had led us to the scene just after those wonderful people surrounding him had helped him climb up and out of his car by way of the passenger door above him.  With the help of adrenaline Jonathan had lifted his 300+ pound self up and out while others did all they could to stabilize the vehicle so that it didn't roll on over.  Jonathan just told us that one man put himself in danger to do so.  Gasoline was running from the car and he needed to be free from the vehicle in case of fire.

I do wish I could have seen their faces as he came out though.  I know they had no idea that someone so tall was about to come out.  Jonathan said he did see their faces and it was obvious they were shocked.

Shortly after we arrived the first responders started arriving.  We asked that he be checked out and so they called the ambulance.   I knew that his adrenaline was sky high and he wasn't feeling much.  He was dizzy and nauseous.  Since we didn't know if he had hit his head I'm glad we did have them look at him.  He seems to be ok.  But he will be crazy sore.  It is setting in already.

Everyone was very kind.  The witnesses all agreed that he wasn't driving fast.  It was just one of those things.  The police officer who responded was very nice.  She mistook me for Jonathan's wife, which I thanked her for.  :-)  In the end she said they would do an accident investigation and all but that Jonathan wouldn't be cited for the accident.  It was a freak of Mother Nature.

Warren was able to detour and get Chelsea to work on time while I stayed on the very snowy scene with Jonathan.  It all worked out just fine.

We are praising God that the 20 lb hand weight that Jonathan had in his car flew right past him and out the window...They found it on the road.  Jonathan is pretty sure it was what broke the window. He was picking gravel out of his hair....but not glass.  Whew!

This is the end of the saga with the blue Suzuki.....we think and hope.  There was only liability on this vehicle so there will be no discussion of repair.   Now to figure out the best way to be rid of it.  Believe it or not the hubby is thinking of moving the engine from the blue Suzuki to the red one. The red one came about after Jonathan's accident last year when he needed something to drive while the blue one was being rebuilt.  Warren has the red Suzuki in pieces in the garage right now rebuilding most of the engine in that one.  Oh my.  We really are the craziest people I know.  I'm rooting for a cleansing of Suzuki's from our property.  Completely.  They have not been good to us.

And with that I say....see you soon.  Hopefully with something very, very boring to report.


Melissa Gill said...

Oh my goodness, you all have had quite the adventures! I'm so glad Jonathan was not hurt! Praise God!

Terra Hangen said...

What a frightening incident for you to see the vehicle on the road, and then thankfully to find Jonathan was ok. I hope the medical exam they gave him show him to be fine. That is too much excitement for anyone.

Vee said...

Thank you, Lord, for your ongoing protection for this family. I tell ya, Becky. It is like deja vu all over again around here. Praying for Jonathan's fast recovery and a new vehicle that is stable and it can't be wrong to pray for spring to arrive. Good thing you folks don't drink or you'd be tempted after such experiences.

Debby said...

Oh my goodness. How awful about the accident but how ironic it was that you drove right up to it. I think you and your family should switch to the horse and buggy way of travel. Nice that the people helped him. They probably shook their heads and said that's why they don't drive.
Yes, he will be really sore tomorrow. Hope he mends well. Hugs

Karen said...

So glad Jonathan is ok! He is doing well now, a couple days out?

Hmm...wonder why you feel like your life is a rollercoaster?

Love you, friend!