Monday, April 25, 2016

Rehearsal for a Wedding

Sunshine and warm weather made this a very beautiful day for Chelsea and Chadd's rehearsal and dinner.  Upcoming forecasts are predicting rain for Sunday.  The closer we get the more optimistic we are....but since there is a significant chance of storms we needed to have a plan B for the ceremony which was planned for out of doors.  And so we began our rehearsal at one end of the huge tent where we plan to have the reception.  Setting it up to be two separate areas will be tricky but the coordinator at the venue is very creative and full of solutions.  We are truly blessed!!

Warren cracked everyone up when he first responded, 
"My mother and I do".
Good thing we had a rehearsal. 
He got it right every time after that.
I do think he might have been a "tad" emotional. :-)

 I love every expression on the faces of Chadd and his groomsmen.

Practicing the vows.

J's first solo trip "down" the aisle.
I think it is her only solo trip down the aisle.
On Sunday she will come in with Emily.
That way we are fairly certain that she will do it.

 Big steps or little steps?
The dress is going to dictate that, I think.

We held the rehearsal dinner in this sweet room.
Chickfila brought two trays of chicken, we had purchased chicken and swiss rolls
from Costco and made fruit and garden salads.
We got Subway cookies and had a few other types that were known
favorites of people in the wedding party.

 A couple of our favorite people.....

The girls.  Well, most of them.  Chelsea photobombed this one.

 Then the girls let her in ....

 Emily noticed we were getting pictures and took her place.

The guys....

They are all very important people in Chadd's life.

Great guys.  All of them!!

It was a very fun evening.
Looking forward to Saturday and Sunday as we set up 
and then get these "kids" married.


Theresa said...

I will say an extra prayer for your Saturday to be perfect! Loved seeing the practice pictures:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Vee said...

You folks sure are getting good at being flexible. Hope that Warren won't be too overcome. I still remember a bride who was thirty minutes late because she was getting her father to stop crying long enough to walk her down the aisle. It has been a fun story through the years! It's going to be a beautiful wedding!

JD/ Jill said...

Everything looks so nice, and looks like everything is getting together for you. Praying that everything goes as planned.

PS. It looks like the wedding is going to be on my I'm sure to always remember the date of Chelsea's wedding day. smile.