Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cuteness Overload....and Jon's New Ride

If I get this much joy from our little flower girl 
  apologize in advance for what kind of a 
grandmother I will likely be.

But when the "miniature human" as Jonathan likes to call her
is this cute, what is one to do but capture her image?

Just gets even better when you put her with Chelsea.

And then I told J to tickle Chelsea with the flower 
she had picked from the tree.....

She is so obedient.  Ha!

And thus ended the photo session.

Last night we spent a few quality hours picking up 
Jon's new Jeep Renegade.
It fits him to a "T".

There are so many buttons though.
It was 8:30 pm as we stopped at a restaurant for dinner.
Warren and Jonathan got out laughing like crazy.
Apparently Jonathan took the salesman's advice to heart and was pushing
buttons to see what they did.
They weren't out of the dealer's lot before he had pushed the 
"Call 911" button.
Good Grief!!
I cannot tell you how it warms my heart to see my 
guys enjoying time together.

So proud of our son for being responsible with his finances 
so that he was in a position to make this decision.
And for the gift from a relative that took some of the stress out of it.


Vee said...

Love seeing the friendship between the Little Flower Girl and the Bride. Sweetness. Tickling with a flower must be one of the chores that Flower Girls do.

Yay for the new vehicle. It looks as if it will be very comfortable and good for him all around. 911? Yikes. I did that once and within minutes a policeman was at my door. It took a bit of explaining...

Doris said...

Let me tell you, being a Nana is the best part of apologies necessary. You will surely be a wonderful Grandma when that time comes for you :)
Happy for your son and his new wheels. I just love this stage in life seeing my grown-up kids being responsible adults. Just love it!
Loving all posts of wedding activity....Rejoicing with you!

Linda Gross said...

I love the pictures of J on Chelsea's back. It looks like a nice sunset behind Jon.

JD/ Jill said...

Love the pics...thanks for sharing.

Theresa said...

Great pictures! Oh my goodness, cutest little one and Chelsea is going to be a beautiful bride:) Congrats to your Son on the new vehicle! Have a blessed day dear friend! I know there is lots of excitement around your home! HUGS!