Thursday, March 31, 2016

Crushing On Colors

I have been debating color choices for the kitchen and dining room when we get to redo 
them in the future.  At the moment we have some more pressing projects in the pipeline.
Things such as both bathrooms, restoring our family room downstairs
and replacing the stair rails that were removed when getting the shower downstairs.
We burned the old ones.

But last night I was dreaming about the kitchen project with Warren.
We looked at the wall we will remove to open it up and so I thought it would be
fun to look on Pinterest for color ideas.

That led to making a new Board for those combinations I loved.
The photo above is a great representation of what I kept coming back to.

These yellows and blues....with white.
They are so me.

My hesitation is that so often things don't come out as lovely as
someone can stage their photos....
but in any case these colors are calling my name.

I wonder if I would be happier with blue walls with yellow accents
or yellow walls with blue accents?
I'm leaning toward the yellow walls.

I've been a Pinterest dabbler but this might push me over the edge.
So much little time.

Stress always makes me want to do a house project.
I have a history that proves it to be true.
We have a wedding in a month!!
Probably NOT the time to begin a kitchen remodel.
Just sayin'.


Linda Gross said...

Two f my favorite go-together colors are and white.

Theresa said...

Yep, better wait a bit on the remodel:) My Nephew is getting married April 9th:) I am excited, I love weddings! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Anna Meng said...

It would be pretty to pick either yellow and white, or blue and white to paint the walls. Use the remainder color to accent it. Curtains, end tables, vases, rugs, picure frames, anything really in that color. I think it would all balance each other out nicely.

Vee said...

You really have been zipping around Pinterest. =D I think that's better than some alternatives. For me, it would be eating. =/

Oh and I do love these color combinations. Yellow and blue (with a bit of white) has been a longstanding favorite.

Good for waiting a bit with all the busyness going on. Keeping your home as much of a sanctuary as possible at this time will prove to be a great blessing for all.

Deanna Rabe said...

Oh! Yellow walls with Blue and White accents! Gorgeous! The yellow walls can function as a neutral and stay if you decided to change the accent colors seasonally etc. This is a classic color combo and so very pretty!