Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chloe's Turn

Sometimes it seems that Chloe is overshadowed by Bandit's spunky personality and craziness.  But those who know the both of them "in person" definitely prefer Chloe.  They usually just adore her.

Chloe isn't chasing squirrels these days, however, she does love to chew sticks.  Simply picking up a stick in her presence causes much tail wagging and excitement.

We definitely need to get out and pick up the many sticks and twigs
that fell during the super wind storm we had a few weeks ago.
Chadd and his friend, Kevin, got a bunch but there are still more.
Many more.

Seeing all of the white on Chloe's face reminds me that she is aging.
This Spring she has a cough.  I'm not sure if it is allergies or something more ominous
but she has plenty of energy and so I'll plan to take her to the vet after the wedding
if it persists.  If she seemed to be suffering in any way I would get her in now.

There is super tall grass where the men cut down the tree which was hit by 
lightning last year.  They planted this grass and it seems to like the shade there.
Chloe loves to play in the grass, hiding in it and eating it.

Because I was outside and these caught my eye I took a photo
of these yellow tulips as well.

The neighbors are having a garage built and so with extra people in the neighborhood
I'm actually spending more time out in the yard with the dogs.  
Normally I hang out in the doorway while they do their thing out there.
I'm finding being with them is a good thing.
It keeps the dogs from barking like crazy at the "strangers" 
and I get to enjoy the beauty of the season
that I would likely miss in all of the busyness of wedding preps.

I need to go and make another Cookies and Cream Bundt cake now.
They are amazing ....both in appearance and in flavor!

Have a blessed day!

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Vee said...

Taking photos of the tulips? I thought it was the dandelion you were capturing. Chloe is a cutie and I hope that she has no troubles of any kind. You must be crazy busy with wedding preps. Oh, I read about the new vehicle above and it sounds terrific, even if it isn't an automatic. Warren definitely needs a quality vehicle and one that doesn't mean that he must become a pretzel to get in.