Saturday, April 23, 2016

He Is Faithful

This is a Psalms kind of a day.  Not the happy sunny kind.  But the out of the deeps I CRY to you, Lord, kind of a day. I will not be that person who only shares my spiritual highs.  There are clearly low days too.  This was one of the worst.

He is faithful.

Yesterday, just nine days before the wedding, another repercussion of the accident was made known.

The timing couldn't have been worse.  We were just finding our stride toward joy for the big day.  Whoosh!!!  There went our feet.

But He is faithful.

We cried, and yelled and were as upset as we get.  I once again asked God why any of this had to happen?  Why on that sunny day did the accident take place????  

But He was faithful.

He led us to support in our community.  Someone who has walked this road and assured us that time makes these things better.  Anyone else saying it would have seemed trite.  But this was the voice of experience.

He is faithful.

In providing caring family and friends who don't have to know details to love us and reach out in support.

I know this battle is not against flesh and blood.  I know it is for the very hearts and souls of men.
I know who wins!  But it is that very One that I cry out to with the why's.  Why?????  And He assures me that I don't have to understand.  I only need to walk.  One baby step at a time.

Because He is faithful.

In the midst of the darkness of yesterday's yuckiness there came hope.  Hope for a healing and a brighter future.  Hope for a closer walk with the One who created us.  Hope for a strong marriage for two people who love each other so dearly.  Hope for tomorrow.  And the day after that.  

No doubt, He IS faithful.


Theresa said...

Praying that whatever has you troubled will be resolved! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way this morning!

Vee said...

Yes, He is. Praying...

Doris said...

I'm praying! Sending hugs too...

Lizzi said...

Praying for you guys.

Linda Gross said...

Prayers for all.