Monday, April 11, 2016

A Wonderfully Boring...But Nice Blog Post

We are down to three
sweet hens.

The golden one, Mabel, continues to thrive.
She made it through another Winter!

Now that Spring is here she calls out to me to bring her freshly pulled
grass.  Once upon a time they used to fear grass falling from above as I pushed
it through the chicken wire.
No more.
Now they eagerly wait for it and gobble it up.

I can no longer open the door and give them their grass in a nicer, more orderly way because 
of the foxes and raccoon  that attempted to get the chickens.
There is now additional chicken wire blocking the door.
But better safe than sorry.

Each Spring there is a temptation to add chicks, 
especially when at the post office you can hear chicks peeping
from other shipments.
However, for now we are just going to enjoy these girls and then 
are most likely done with our time as chicken farmers.
It has been a decade long run....and we have enjoyed much of it.
Should the need arise to have them again we know what to do and would do it in a 
heartbeat.  I love fresh eggs from our own chickens.


Deanna Rabe said...

Sweet chuckles!

Theresa said...

Oh yes, fresh eggs are the best! My hairdresser has chickens and is always bringing in eggs for the other ladies:) Have a blessed day dear friend! OH and I love that header picture:) HUGS!

Karen Andreola said...

Seeing your Mabel brings back memories. I liked to watch our day-range hens - more interesting than T.V.