Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New Car and Wedding Preps

Warren no longer drives the cute little Miata.
Dear friends will be driving it pretty soon.

His mom has been letting him drive her truck 
but the weather is nice now and she will most likely 
want to use the truck for her trips to the farm and to go bike riding.

And so we have been trying to decide what direction to go
for a new, to us, car.
Did we want to find a cheap car (less than $2000) that would get him
back and forth most of the time?
Or did we want to prepare for the eventuality that our minivan
would need to be replaced and get something a bit better?
Given that the minivan is just about to turn over 200,000 miles
we decided that it would be a good idea to see what we could do for a 
lower mileage pre-owned car.

I have wanted a Kia Soul since I had one as a rental when I had that 
fender bender back in 2014.
We found one in Delaware with 56,000 miles on it and
 took a late afternoon drive over there yesterday. 
 It was so pretty!  Back roads with lots of Spring views.
The Soul won our hearts quickly.
We took an extensive test drive with Ajay, the salesman who used to be 
in we commiserated together on the changes in that business.
If you don't know I was a Personal Financial Analyst for 
sixteen years.  I loved the people aspect but found myself 
perpetually frustrated by the increased paperwork that happened after
the 9/11 attacks.
And so, I make candles.  

Anyhoo......back to the fun stuff.

This is our new sweet car.

I can't drive it.
It's a manual transmission.
But I'm willing to learn.
So, we shall see.

Today I stayed home from Bible Study to catch up from all of our running around
the past few days and to make sure that Jonathan stays on schedule with his 
medication for his back. 
He saw his orthopedic doctor yesterday who put him on a serious steroid course
to see if we can't get him back to his stable place with this herniated disk.
This is day one and he has to take the meds religiously
and around meals.
His back had been doing quite well....until he decided to play frisbee on Sunday.
The doctor said he didn't blame Jonathan for wanting to do things.
He is just "finding out his limits"....hmmm.

Today I paid business taxes and then moved on to wedding stuff.

I've done a fair amount of work on the Appetizer planning.
Laid out each of the tables in that tent
and what everything will be served on.
You know marble slabs for cheese and wicker baskets for crackers, etc.
I'm also working on decor.
Finding goodies around the house that will go into it.
Deciding if there are things that I need to pick up yet.

My friend Deanna, from Creekside Cottage
loaned us nine of these perfect chalkboard signs. 

We have a couple of possible uses for them.
This is my wish....
Chelsea has another possibility and so we will work that out.

This afternoon is cake baking and candle making.
So...I'd better go grab some lunch and get back to work.
I think this is how it will be until the wedding day.
And I'm good with that.
Busy is better than boring!!


Doris said...

Totally cute car!! Last year we decided we needed a mini van because of grands in car seats..... so I gave up my little Buick. I do enjoy driving the van more than I thought I would.
God Bless all the prep for that big day! I agree, busy is better than boring :)

Carol Z said...

Prayers for Jonathan. I understand about learning our limits. I kicked up my exercise schedule and ended up in tremendous pain. I was ready to schedule an MRI. Used I've, Advil and rest for a few days and got myself back to the status quo. My overdoing was for chair yoga for active older adults. I guess not for this active older adult.

Linda Gross said...

We recently turned over 200K on our car. We have bandied about replacing the engine or replacing it with another car. Congrats on your new car.

Theresa said...

Cute car:) I just bought a new one too! Weddings are SO much fun and LOADS of work! I know that you will make it perfect! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Martin said...

I myself am looking to buy a new (to me) car soon and have struggled with what direction to go. It's neat that you make candles. Do you ever invent your own scents? Here's hoping the new car works like a charm for a long time. As for me, I'll be borrowing that final quote, "Busy is better than boring!"