Monday, April 18, 2016

We Enjoyed a Very Happy Sunday

Our Sunday morning began with a candlelight breakfast for Warren and I 
made by Chelsea. 

She made us gluten free pancakes and sausage.
We used New York syrup on both.
This syrup comes from our friends
Real syrup is the best!!

Church was even brighter than usual with the surprise
return of a family who had been away for a few months taking care
of a family emergency in another state.
I love this family sooo much and had to blink back the tears
as we welcomed them back!

Since it was a third Sunday of the month we enjoyed communion
and a fellowship meal together.
Then hours of chatting before we separated only to meet up again
at Pastor Mike and Jenny's home for the evening.

Pastor Mike's wife, Jenny, is a very talented hair dresser.
She gave Chadd a hair cut yesterday that has all of us smiling.

This photo will make the photo wall. 

Jenny also gave my friend, Kelly, purple hair again yesterday.
Kelly loves the color purple and has attempted to 
have it in her hair before.
It is a hard one to keep in.
I'll be curious to see if it stays until next Sunday.

I love seeing our church body bless each other with their gifts
and talents.  It happens so often.

We are deep in organizational and cake baking mode.
Sometimes they come out perfectly....
sometimes they don't.

So we will keep at it until we have enough perfect cakes.

Please pray for Jonathan who re-injured his back yesterday.
It is pretty bad.
Hoping that when he wakes up this morning it will be
much improved.

See you soon!


Deanna Rabe said...

It was a great day yesterday!

I'll try to remember to send the cake pans over with Sarah tomorrow.

Terra Hangen said...

Your Sunday sounds ideal. I had a heart warming Sunday too which included Bible study before church with 8 dear ladies, ages 36 to 70 plus. The young and the old all have lots of wisdom to share.