Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rollercoaster Time

When we look back on these days I am ninety-nine percent sure that the thought which will come to mind is rollercoaster.  Beginning in July when Chelsea and Chadd were engaged to just over a week later when he had his accident.  That has been the pattern.  We are happy....really happy.  And then we are blindsided by deep darkness.  It has become common, not right... but common... for me to think, "Wow, that was fun....I wonder what horrible thing is coming next!".  I'm not sure how to break out of that since it has been months like that.

Recently, the highs have included a Bachelorette party for Chelsea.  All of her bridesmaids were able to attend.  Even this event was impacted by the craziest of events...two of them.  Emily had arranged for all of the girls to show up at our house on Sunday morning as Chelsea was just about ready for church to kidnap her and they were going to head to Washington D.C. for the Cherry Blossom Festival.  However, you may have heard about or experienced the insane windstorm that came in Saturday night.  With trees falling down, wires down and the cold temperatures these ladies made the wise decision to work around the storm a few hours later than planned and within Lancaster County.  And so, in the following photos you see them "kidnapping" Chelsea from church just following the morning service.

 They brought her coffee!!

Chelsea truly has the best friends.
they have been such a support system for her through
these stressful times.

Emily has been a fantastic Matron of Honor.

They headed out and I only know the rest of the day from what I've heard
until Chelsea and Emily unexpectedly showed up at our house
that evening.  They were all supposed to have a sleepover at Mikey and Emily's.
In fact, Michael was down with us for the night so that he wouldn't be 
in the way up there.
He and Jonathan had gone to dinner with Warren and I just prior to 
the girls return.  That was so much fun!!

Turns out that after going to dinner at Panera the ladies had headed back
to Mikey and Emily's only to find themselves redirected to the local fire company.
You see, some neighbor had gone a bit crazy and threatened to harm 
himself.  He had told the emergency personnel that he had poured gasoline
all over his apartment and was prepared to light it.

You can't make this stuff up!

So, while the authorities gave permission for all of the girls to go back 
to the apartment they let them know to be prepared to evacuate at a moment's notice.
This seemed a bit more stressful than fun so the others opted to go on home 
while Chelsea and Emily came down to our place to watch the planned movie
and sleep.

When Michael heard what was going on near his home he headed up
to be there and keep an eye on things....through his eyelids...since work
was coming extra early on Monday morning.

Can you even imagine???
I mean, the weather.  That's often unpredictable.
But for two crazy things in one day?

Thankfully Chelsea has commented several times that it was a great day!
She has no regrets!

Taken from Emily's FB page.  She commented that the day only drove her a little bit crazy
with all of it's twists and turns.

Monday morning found Chelsea, Emily, J the flower girl and I 
at the Tomato Pie Cafe in Lititz for breakfast.
It was great!
And the perfect ending to a great but unpredictable weekend.

This week we have had news that the next hearing won't happen until 
after the wedding and honeymoon.
When the preliminary hearing was postponed with no new date we feared the 
worst...that it would be rescheduled for some critical time.
But thankfully, the kids are being spared that.

Our final highlight of the week was a dress fitting.
Chelsea looks so pretty.
I know you would expect me to say that....
but you'll see.
In time.

She really does.
But we have to find new shoes. 
The ones she got just aren't right for the dress length and style.
I don't think she is too upset
to shoe shop again.

Wishing you peaceful days.
I know I would enjoy some about now.


Sherry said...

life has a way of weaving unexpected razzle frazzles into our daily plans. it brings to mind a dear friend's motto (cheryl of copperswife blog):: hold your plans loosely. i love how you and yours went with the flow and you're ability to see the humor in certain things. you're a rare one dear becky. hugs.

Doris said...

Oh the crazy weather had certainly railroaded some wonderful plans....and that crazy emergency evacuation! My goodness.
Must say a meal at Tomato Pie Cafe would certainly be my choice in an alternative plan :)
God Bless you, your family and loved ones as the big day comes. My prayers continue for you! The stress, the unknown and speculation of what might come could overtake the joy and anticipation of two becoming one. I pray that joy will reign over all! Would you let Chadd know that I pray for him specificly as I feel God's prompting...there are times that it's so strong and I don't even know what to pray but trust our God to meet the need!

Theresa said...

Peaceful days sound perfect during Wedding times:). I pray that all will go as planned and that life ahead will be perfect for the newlyweds! God is in this marriage and their lives ahead as husband and wife. Prayers continue!

Karen said...

I'm behind again in reading but so thrilled to hear they have a reprieve on the hearing until after the wedding and honeymoon.

I know God is in control, no matter what date it happens, but it's so nice that they can savor their special time without having to deal with that in the middle of it all.

I can't believe it's coming up so fast! Enjoy these hectic, fun days, my friend.

Debby said...

So glad you are moving forward. So sorry that this is hanging over your head. Do you have any idea what to expect at the hearing. Hugs