Friday, April 29, 2016

Final Preparations

Our out of town guests will begin arriving today.  We are so excited and know that with this happening time is going to fly by!

Chelsea and Chadd have been dealing with disappointment that it is going to rain and be quite chilly for their special day.  We have been scrambling to change up the location, seating and even appetizer areas to keep our guests warm and dry.  I don't understand why there must be so many disappointments for these two. 
 Chelsea said that of all of the things on her wish list, 
getting married outside was at the top.
But temps in the 50's and rain make it a very bad idea.
Should the forecast change in the next 48 hours we shift back to an outdoor set up but 
until then we are busily painting furniture, making more candles and figuring out how to do 
some pretty cool things.

The flowers were delivered to our floral designer yesterday.  Most of them are fantastic.
A few were less than perfect.  But that is where a true talent shines.
Susan is making some amazing adjustments and we are very, very excited!
Did you know you can paint flowers and no one would ever know it?
Well, when you can't get soft pink hydrangea you can get white ones and create pink ones.
By the photos Susan sent over you can't tell which is which.
Pretty crafty and sweet!

I think this is going to be one very special wedding.  
Two young people who have proven their commitment to each other and the Lord
are going to say vows that bind them to each other for life.

It takes me back to the day in the hospital when Chadd was being brought out of his coma.
As the medication lightened a little he would struggle to raise his head off the pillow
and search the room with his eyes for his sweetheart.
When he saw her he would visibly relax and go back to sleep.
Over and over he sought her out until finally he was fully awake and could just stare 
at her and then signal her to come stand by his side.
He couldn't speak at that point since he was still on the respirator.
As a mom this was when I knew, for sure, that it was meant to be.
His love and commitment to Chelsea was so pure and sweet in those moments
when he wasn't even really conscious.

They have been through so much that they are starting their marriage in 
a more mature place than many.
There is much yet to come that has potential to be very hard.
But we are sure, very sure, that they are up to the challenge in the 
same way they have gotten through up until this point.
The help of the Lord and the support of so many friends.

And so, we look forward to the marriage of Chadd and Chelsea on Sunday.
I'll be the one crying her eyes out.  
Not from sadness....but from joy of the depth of knowledge of 
ALL the Lord has brought them through and the hope of what 
He will do in the future.
And the tears will be reflective of thankfulness that God brought
this God-loving, special, thoughtful, tender and caring young man
into our daughter's life.
God is so good!


Linda Gross said...

I am looking forward to seeing wedding pictures! It won't matter the location of the wedding. It will be a beautiful day, no matter what. Chelsea and Chadd's love for each other will brighten the day.

Sherry said...

i'm praying that even if it does rain, and/or chilly, that the warmth of the hearts in attendance with cozy up and embrace the setting. chelsea & chadd have indeed grown from the difficulties faced the past year. so thankful for your offering of peeks. bless you all..praying!!!

Vee said...

When all is said and done,mthe weather will be a fraction of the day...the warmth will be provided by their love for each other and the support of those who love them. Praying for a beautiful wedding!

Deanna Rabe said...

The weather doesn't matter! It's going to be a beautiful wedding! We are so happy to celebrate with them!

JD/ Jill said...

Just adding my prayers for a beautiful, memorable wedding day!

Theresa said...

I will pray that whatever the weather... ALL will be perfect for the Wedding! Sending HUGS and continued prayers your way my friend!

Doris said...

Totally crazy, this weather! I pray that everything goes smoothly even through the changes. It will be beautiful!