Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New News Brings Change to GoFundMe

Initially hospital financial people told us that Chadd would not qualify for medical assistance for the first thirty days of his care.  That was daunting.
Then we were told that perhaps some of it would be covered.
Most recently they told us that they expect most of it to be covered.
We are praying that this will be the case.
Final word should come as soon as they can review necessary paperwork that is being gathered.

We are not interested in raising money that we don't know will be needed and so 
Chelsea has posted an update on the GoFundMe page reducing the need to $5,000.
For those who have given we cannot express our thanks enough.
Rest assured that those gifts will go to their intended purpose, 
the care and well being of Chadd.

Coming up for Chelsea and Chadd will be counseling to deal with the trauma, 

We don't know when Chadd will be able to return to work.

We don't know what of Chadd's computer and other items survived the crash.
Doubtful on most of that.

We just wanted to be clear and up front with everyone on this subject.
And to share our praises that things are looking so much better at the moment.

Chadd continues to get stronger each day.
He has a very long way to go but is surpassing anyone's expectations.
Please continue to pray that the infection would completely clear and not
cause long term issues for him.


Theresa said...

Great news! I continue to pray for Chadd, Chelsea and all of you! I know that God is going to bring them thru and they will be stronger as a couple! Sending HUGS and continued prayers your way this morning!

Linda Gross said...

Prayers for Chadd, Chelsea and all of you!

Sherry said...