Saturday, July 25, 2015

Late Night Pizza With My Kids

Yesterday was hard in that, while Chadd is physically improving, he is also being weaned off the big guys of the pain meds.  Whew!  You try having the kind of injuries he has and have to find new doses of weaker prescriptions to work even as you are getting more mobile, etc.
Not fun.

Chelsea and I were out when his mom called to just kind of give us the story for the day.  She said that he could have milkshakes and other things like that now which really excited us.
You see, Chadd has been wanting a particular peach smoothie from a new cafe, The Speckled Hen.
It took us 0 seconds to decide to head on over there and pick one up for him.
They kindly put it in a second cup of ice so that we could try to keep it semi solid until we got to the hospital again.  Chadd was sleeping when we got back but was so happy to see it when he woke up.  He sipped at it the rest of the evening.  Loving it.
Little things.

Due to his pain, and the fact that he hadn't slept the night before, Chelsea and I headed home earlier than usual.  It was still light and it was such a beautiful evening.
We were happily surprised to find Mikey and Emily here.
They had come down to hang out and enjoy the sunset.
Chelsea went for a walk with them as the sun did indeed set and it was good for her to be with 
her big brother and sister-in-law.
Emily is Chelsea's Matron of Honor.

Jonathan had left for work shortly after we arrived home.  But I have to tell you that he has been such a help and support as well.  He stays in the background but is keeping up with things and is always there if I need him.  He keeps his eye on Chelsea and does what he can to help her too.

Anyway, the pizza.

We were just sitting here talking and all of a sudden I had this incredible craving for fresh, hot pizza.
This is kind of surprising since I had that horrible experience with the pizza from the hospital but I guess my body knew that that had been it's own special evil and we could trust our local pizzeria.
There was something "almost normal" about having a late night pizza party with the kids that made the calories worth it.

I talked to Chelsea about her feelings of guilt and being punished for not appreciating life "before".  
Isn't it amazing how the enemy tries to twist and turn these things?
Well, he can just quit it.
We are wise to him.
No guilt.
This is not punishment.
This is life.
Things happen.
And for all we know this is grace and mercy.
Time will tell if there is more to be gained from this experience.

In the meanwhile...I vow to not eat pizza every night.
It could happen.

Do you love late night pizza?


Mrs.Rabe said...

I love pizza, even cold for breakfast!

Terra said...

Comfort food is sometimes called for.