Sunday, July 26, 2015

Some Sunshine after A Week of Storm Clouds

Chelsea worked again yesterday.  Her manager has been so wonderful in allowing her to come in as she can handle it.  If you have ever worked in retail you know that facing crowds of people can really take it out of you....even if you totally love your work.  When one is as stressed and tired as Chelsea there is a limit to your tolerance.  Even so, she has done well on the two days back so far.  Then she is so very eager to get back to Chadd.

Friday was his hardest day.  Not his most sick day.....but the one that impacted him the most.  He was taken off the heavy medications that masked much of the pain.  Ouch!!  He was so miserable.  And he was trying so hard to keep Chelsea from seeing his pain which only made it worse for him.  Crazy guy. Trying to protect his sweetheart.

We weren't sure what we would walk into yesterday as we got there a little after 4pm.  Well, we got a clear eyed, adoring Chadd.  Still in pain but through the worst of the withdrawal a week's worth of strong meds deliver.  He was so delighted to see Chelsea and she him.  Xavier and I left them alone to chat.  This was the first time since we got the shocking news they could really communicate with each other.  Awesome thing number one!

After a while Chelsea sought us out to say it was dinner time.  Chadd was eating real food and so should we.  And so we headed to the hospital cafeteria.  I was so hoping for one of two meal options. Either the taco salad or Dry Rub Ribs.  Either had been my favorite from the week.  Others....seriously not so much!  My face lit up when I saw the taco shell bowls!!  I couldn't believe it.  Things must be looking up, right?  That was awesome thing number two.

Then....I went to get cups of water for Chelsea and I and saw Matt.  Matt is the hospital food host who took such amazing care of Chelsea in the Intensive Care.  He was on the phone and so I waited for him to finish up so I could thank him for his special attention to her.  He was so happy to hear that Chelsea was with me and headed out into the dining room to find her.  He reminded her once again that he had helped her out and was so happy for the ability to have done so.!  Never underestimate the power of those kind gestures.  They can make all of the difference to a family who is in pain.  Awesome thing number three.

We returned to Chadd but his pain was building again.  Poor guy.  Tummy surgeries are the worst.  I've been there.  Ten days in the hospital for a post op infection that nearly killed me.  I remember some but I was mostly under the effects of morphine then.  Chadd is basically on Tylenol.  Horrible.  I talked him into ringing for the nurse who was able to give him something more and get him settled in for the night.  And then we left.  I haven't heard yet how his night went.  Hoping he did ok.

This morning he is scheduled to go to Physical Therapy to be evaluated to see if he is ready to go home.  Can you believe it??  Waiting for that word.  Honestly, if they kept him another day I would be happy.  He would not.  He is young, strong and ready to get out of that hospital bed.  We'll see!


Theresa said...

Praying that today goes well and Chadd continues to improve, day by day! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Linda Gross said...

That is wonderful that Chadd may get to come home from the hospital soon!

Lorrie Esposito said...

Continued prayers for rest and recovery for you all. Going home soon would be awesome.

Vee said...

Progress ...sometimes painful glad that Chadd is doing this well and eager to be out of the hospitall. You all need a break from that place even if you do love it. =D

sammysgrammy said...

Son-shine is sooooo welcome. Blessings for Chelsea and Chadd and your whole family.

Sherry said...

continuing in prayer and expectant for God to do amazing things!