Thursday, July 2, 2015

Just a little Chatter....

The workshop is yellow
and I am recuperating.

I remember why I stopped being so eager to paint.
My neck hates it.

However, with every wall in our house needing paint as we can 
get to it my neck is just going to have to adjust!
Who knew we would stay in the same house for
twelve years....already!
Our former record was three years.  
All of that painting and remodeling that 
happened then has been well lived in 
and marked up.

I did find out that my darling daughter-in-law enjoys will be fun to spend time with her 
as we work.

We had a fun belated birthday dinner for Warren last evening.
I took no pictures.
We were too busy eating and chatting away.

Chelsea's birthday is on Monday.
We'll have to do something fun for that.
She is leaving her teens.

I hear we are going to have a bonfire on Friday evening
with Mikey and Emily.
Then a picnic with Chelsea and Friends on Saturday
before we head out to watch fireworks in a distant cemetery.
Fun times with our peeps!

What are you up to this Holiday Weekend?
Stay safe, please!!


Vee said...

Nice yellow! How cool that your daughter-in-law loves to paint; I have heard rumors of such people. =D

What? Chelsea is leaving her teens? When did that happen?!

We have some plans, too, and will be with our peeps. Have a blessed Independence Day!

Mrs.Rabe said...

What cemetery? We'll be doing fireworks tomorrow night because Tim has tomorrow off but has to work the 4th!