Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Keeping Up Hope

With so many things being uncertain in the next weeks and months the kids are struggling to know how to plan.  Whether it is right to continue working toward the wedding in May or to hold tight and wait and see.  We are encouraging them to continue in their plans.  If things have to change then we can all deal with it then.

Thankfully, the Monday before the accident they had gone out with their friend Faith and had the first in a series of Engagement Photos taken.

I pointed out to them that when they go to finish these photos it will be interesting to see the growth in them as individuals but also as a couple.
Seeing him in his hospital bed and her leaning over him as they looked at these together was bittersweet.
But they are strong and getting stronger every day.

An update on Chadd:  He was to go home yesterday but a complication with one of his incisions kept him in overnight on IV antibiotics.  He is very much wishing to get home today but is understanding that this could be serious and he doesn't want to have to come back after getting home.

Otherwise he had a pretty good day in that he stayed awake all day for the first time.
I hope this translated into a good night's sleep.
That has been the hardest for him.
So hard to get good sleep there.

We cannot thank you enough for your continued caring and prayers.
We'll take every one!


Linda Gross said...

Happy to hear Chadd will be going home soon.

Sherry said...

praying for an amazingly rapid recovery!

Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures of these two lovebirds:) I continue to pray for all of you! I agree that they should move forward with making their wedding plans! The happy occasion will be here before you know it! Have a blessed day dear friend! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

Zuda Gay Pease said...

Beautiful photos! They are so sweet together, you can just see the love and adoration they have for one another. I am continuing to keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

Vee said...

Sweet photos of happier days and there will be many more to come. Sounds as if the hospital is the best place to be just now, but praying that Chad gets sprung very soon. Praying, too, for clarity in any of the unknowns.

JD/ Jill said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.

Becky, it was so nice to see your name in my blog comments today.
I Haven't been on my blog much lately...so I had a lot of catching up to do.

I am so sorry to read about what has happened to Chadd and Chelsea...but happy to read in later posts that he is doing better.
I will definitely add these two to my prayer list.