Saturday, August 1, 2015

Meeting Shelley

I have mentioned Shelley who was the first person on scene to help Chadd.
Due to a prior five car accident, which had called out our Fire Company, it took 
longer than usual for first responders to get onscene.

Shelley is a student midwife who was here in Lancaster County for
a month learning and practicing.
She and a fellow midwife were in just the right place at the right time.

As a former EMT Shelley jumped in and began talking to Chadd.
He was in so much pain and the details she shared with us are simply
too much to share here.
The most striking thing that I can share was that he was "a part of his car".
It was not good.

Lets not dwell on that stuff.
We are so thankful that all of that is behind him.
He is healing physically now.
It will be a long road but he is doing quite well, we think.

Since the beginning there has been an effort for us to meet Shelley.
She has been super busy delivering babies though.
Our time was ticking away.....
Shelley was heading back home yesterday.

In the morning I got a quick message on Facebook that said she had a very 
small window of time and if we could be there in about 30 - 40 minutes 
we could meet briefly.

There was no time to get Chadd there.....sadly.
We were just 10 minutes away so I hurried Chelsea and we made it
over to the place she was staying and studying.

We met the woman who comforted Chadd, 
held pressure on his torn artery
and who prayed with him.

Chelsea didn't say usual.
However, she was taking it all in and so, so thankful.

Shelley is a mom of three boys.
This was one of the things that kept her motivated to stay with Chadd
as she said she would want someone to do that if it had been one of her sons.

She also asked me to pass on the message to you that if you are ever in 
this position please respond.
Please reach out and care for anyone who needs it.
More people need to be willing to step out of their comfort zone for others.

Now, I agree, but I also think that God placed the person there for us who had
been an EMT, had medical training and the right personality to help Chadd.
Shelley was just that person.

We discussed what to do for Shelley and knew that there was nothing 
monetary that could measure up and so we went personal.

I made her a Fresh Baked Apple Pie soy candle with 
this special label.

She was so delighted to see Chadd in happier days.
Her memories of him were not happy.

It was a brief meeting but we managed to record a video from Shelley to Chadd.
He will see it when I see him again since it is on my phone.
That should make him anxious to see his future Mother in law, right?

We look forward to seeing this special lady again.
She loved Lancaster County and it will always be a part of her.
Hoping she'll come back again soon.

There are just not words to express
our gratitude.

And I have to mention that there were two other friends right on the scene
who have reached out to us.
I have not gotten permission from them to share here though
so for now they know who they are and I hope they understand
HOW much their caring and concern, actions performed
and prayers mean to us!!!


Terra said...

God sent her as a ministering and trained angel to help Chadd. How good you two met her, and that candle with its label that you created is something she will likely always keep.

Rebekah said...

I found your blog through Susanna Musser's blog last month.
I am praying so much for Chadd, for Chelsea, and for their familys at this time.
Your story seemed so familiar... my dad, sister, and I were in a serious car accident just over 15 years ago. I was driving, and none of us can remember a thing about it. We all spent the next almost-two-months in the hospital, my sis and I in a coma....multiple broken bones, brain injuries, internal problems..... I can SO relate to Chadd!
I am leaving this message to tell you what I know you already know - That our Omnipotent God can, and will, take care of you all! It won't be quick and it won't be easy, but in a few years you'll look back and see what The Lord's plan was in this.
Thank you for trusting Him, and keep on! Rebekah

Theresa said...

Such a great meeting with this angel placed on the scene for a reason! God is always with us! Have a blessed day dear friend! LOVE the candle:) HUGS!