Saturday, July 11, 2015

Our week was full....Here's a sampling.

So....guess what we did this week.

Time is up!!

We worked on wedding stuff.
It was fun.
I think we will enjoy it overall.

Hopefully since the wedding isn't until next May
we will have plenty of time to do things 
without major stress.

Also....we worked on my workshop.
Then I hid out in it during a severe storm after which the sun
came streaming through the window....

We attended opening day of a new cafe in Strasburg.
It is called The Speckled Hen.
They have amazing Peach, Pear and Apricot Smoothies.
Oh yes, they do!

Warren and I grumpily took the family to 
see the fireworks in Lancaster.
After years of Warren being employed by a professional fireworks company
nothing else quite compares....and we never get the
"good seats" as we did in those days.
I'm afraid Fire One has made us fireworks snobs.
I wish I could say we got over it after getting there?
Sorry...not so much.
But I did take this pretty cool photo....
with my phone!

Perhaps we were just tired. 
It was the day Chelsea and Chadd got engaged and we had
gone to look at a wedding venue.

Oh, I made candles too. 
I know that must shock you.
But really it amazes me that in the heat of 
Summer candles are selling.
My retail locations are so awesome.
Every one of them.

I'm considering expanding that part of the business.
The Non-Profits are firing up again too
as well as a business I create for.

Etsy has been painfully slow.
Not sure what is going on there.
I know I am not alone in the significant slow down there.
Hoping they figure it out and I start to
 "get found" again soon.

If you are interested in the different organizations
and businesses I work with regularly
here is a list.

Oh my, I feel like I might be forgetting someone.....
certainly there are others who come and go 
but these are the people with whom I am in contact
very regularly.
They would love it if you would pop into their websites or 
Facebook Pages just to learn a bit more about them.

If you know of a not for profit looking to raise funds this 
Fall/Winter please pass on my name.
There is a hot chocolate mug in it for you.  
They won't be offered as a fundraiser item this year but
I have a few special mugs for referrals.
Just sayin'.

O.k.  I guess I need to get off here and get some things
done.....there is plenty to do!

Have a wonderful Sunday.

I'll leave you with a custom order made for a Ladies Tea

I never get tired of making these pretties.


bananaorangeapple said...

Such a busy day!

Vee said...

Fireworks...still going off at this hour an entire week after the 4th. Private fireworks really bug me. Big crowds bug me so I don't do public fireworks displays. Gosh. You have made me cranky! LOL

Sweet candle in a tea cup! Is the tea at your church?

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, I am just getting started and you are making me tired:) Enjoy your day dear friend! Planning a wedding is a lot of work and SO MUCH FUN! HUGS!