Tuesday, July 7, 2015

And Finally I Am Allowed to Share!

On Sunday
this happened!!

A few weeks ago Chadd worked up the courage 
to ask Warren for his blessing.
Warren gave it.

And then we waited.
For the time to be right.
For the ring to be sized to fit Chelsea's 
delicate ring finger.
For Sunday, July 5th....the day of their 
all day celebration of her 20th birthday.
Her actual birthdate is July 6th, but this was close enough
to be good cover for Chadd's true intentions.

They went to her favorite spot in Lititz for breakfast.
The Tomato Pie Cafe.
They walked Lititz and took pretty photos.
They went to a favorite Park to walk 
and share a lunch picnic.
Overlook Park.

He got down on one knee
and told her he loved her so much that........

and she said "Yes"!

We have a very busy year ahead.
The wedding will be in May 2016.

They are adorable as they work through the details.
We believe we have chosen and confirmed the wedding venue.

It was her second choice but seems to be perfect
and even better than her first choice
in many, many ways.

This morning at 9:30 her co-workers and his former co-workers will get the news 
and then this post will become available for you to see.



Vee said...

Happy Days! What happy news!

Zuda Gay Pease said...

How exciting! I am so happy for you all. They really are adorable together. Many blessing to you all as you prepare and plan.

Sherry said...

what lovely news.
praying for both of them and the wedding process. ♥

Sherry said...

...and :: i absolutely LOVE the ring!

Terra said...

Congratulations on this sweet news. They look very happy.

sammysgrammy said...

Awwwwwww, so special. What a fun year of wedding preparation you'll have.

Tanza said...

Congratulations my friend ..... Our son gets married July 19th, and our daughter just became engaged in June, so, busy, busy we are as well..... I will follow along and see how you all do as too ... Exciting times xoxo

Mrs.Rabe said...

So exciting! Her ring is lovely!


Theresa said...

Oh THAT is exciting NEWS:) Congrats to the happy couple and to both families! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Karen said...

So excited for all of you! It's going to be a whirlwind year ahead!

Congrats to the happy couple!

Karen said...

Forgot to say-pretty ring! And belated birthday wishes to Chelsea. What a way for Chadd to make her birthday memorable-so fun!

Melissa Gill said...

Congrats to Chadd and Chelsea!