Thursday, July 16, 2015

Linking to the Engagement Story

First day of a "candle glow" photo challenge from our friend Carol at Carol's Heirloom Collection

No one can tell the engagement story quite like the girl who answered that all important question.
Chelsea has started a brand new blog to document this journey.  To say she is excited would be putting it mildly.  We are so happy for her.

We went out one evening this week and she tried on a few wedding gowns.  Fun!  We don't have a winner yet.  Mostly because it is too much fun to shop.....maybe next week we will be ready for that fun to be done.  Can't guarantee it though.

Here is that blog post from Chelsea at Burlap and Blue Hydrangeas.

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Theresa said...

Sweet picture and I know that Chelsea is enjoying this time in her life! SO happy to watch her and her happy day to come! HUGS!