Friday, July 17, 2015

We Can't Believe it!

Yesterday's blog post was all about joy and happiness.  It made an assumption that things would go on as normal and we would blissfully and without concern plan a wedding.
Well, life can definitely throw curve balls.

Yesterday our dear Chadd was in a horrific head on collision as he headed down to our home for dinner with his girl.  He was immediately tended to by a Good Samaritan nurse midwife who happened to be on scene.  In today's world of not wanting to get involved we cannot thank her enough.  Her name is Shelley and we hope to meet her soon.  She talked to him, held pressure on his leg where a major artery was torn.  He told her he is a Christian and so she prayed with him.  Finally the first responders arrived....there was another 5 car accident just miles away and they had been working that accident.  They assessed Chadd and decided that he needed a medivac from the scene.  As God would have it the helicopter was already on it's way to the other accident site.  It was detoured to pick up Chadd.  We are quite sure that Shelley and that helicopter are the two main reasons Chadd survived this accident.  He lost so much blood.  Time was critical!

Chadd's family and ours mingled last evening in the surgical waiting room.  We are getting to know each other.  His mom and I were planning a lunch next week so that we could really talk about the wedding and get acquainted.  Well, we'll be having lunches the hospital.

For now they are keeping Chadd sedated and he is in Trauma ICU.  They were able to save his leg...we were told that he might not get to keep it.  They did needed repair on the torn that they tied it off.  Too much damage to reconnect.  They temporarily stabilized his broken left femur and will do surgery on it next week.

An amazing number of friends showed up to wait with us....and so many others shared on Facebook that they were praying and asked others to do the same.  We are so touched!!

Chelsea and I are soon heading back in to the hospital.  I slept for about three hours....hoping it is enough to carry me through this sure to be long day.


Vee said...

Praying. This test is going to become a mighty already is. Healing, comfort, grace, and peace from The Father be yours.

Theresa said...

Oh dear friend, I will be praying for Chadd, Chelsea and all of you! That is too scary! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

Sherry said...

lifting chadd in prayer.
Holy Lord...

Doris said...

Yes, I am praying too. Our church is praying for all of you! I know all too well the pain, the hours spent in a waiting room, by the bedside of a loved one (in my case, my child), the ups and downs of recovery. We spent time in trauma ICU. My heart aches, my prayers are fervent. May the presence of the Lord surround you!

Melissa Gill said...

Praising God for sparing hard life and praying for complete healing.