Thursday, February 4, 2010

What is Your Style?

I find myself somewhat conflicted as to my
decorating style. I spent a few
minutes looking over living

I keep coming back to a certain style...

Which one suits you best?
Is that what your home reflects?

I will share my preferences and
then show you my living room next

Photo #1
Evening Calm
Evening Calm

Photo #2
Fifties Living Room Suite
Fifties Living Room Suite

Photo #3
Living Room with Ceiling Fan
Living Room with Ceiling Fan

Photo #4
Living Room
Living Room

Photo #5
Living Room
Living Room

Photo #6
Upscale Living Room
Upscale Living Room

Photo #7
Grand Salon
Grand Salon

Photo #8
Living Room Chair with Table and Blue Rug
Living Room Chair with Table and Blue Rug

This is just for fun...

As I said, I find myself liking different aspects of the
various styles and attempting to put them into my rooms.
Sometimes it works, sometimes I am stuck with something
that isn't really right because I am frugal and won't spend
the money to correct it.

See you tomorrow...



Brittany Ann said...

I always struggle with this stuff, too. I think I like 4,5, and 8. But I could go for all of them in some way, shape or form!

This may explain why my decor never looks cohesive!

Persuaded said...

What a fun post!!! oooooh.... it's almost like shopping *rubs hands together gleefully*

There are so many thing that I like in those pictures, it would be hard to choose just one. Like you said, a combo is probably best. That said, I am really drawn to photo #2, which would probably surprise many who know me. I actually have a set of living room tables in this style stored up in my attic. Someone was going to throw them away, but they just really appealed to me, so I hornswaggled 'em;) They don't go AT ALL with my current home.... but maybe someday☺

My own home is really what one would call Victorian country, and although I love my home, the look is really a compromise between the things I truly love and the things that I needed to make work. For example, my home has lots of flowery wallpaper which was chosen by the former residents. The same with my ruffly dining room curtains. Neither of those would have been my first choice, but they work well with my wooden furniture and vintage-y stuff.

Marydon Ford said...

#8 would be kind of close to where I would go with a front room, but mine is not in any of these presented.

Mine is elegant comfortable cottage frou-frou ... hmmmm!

IF you haven't entered our giveaway go to the Feb. 1 post.

Have a beautiful day.
Happy Valentine's ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Vee said...

Good question! I wish someone would figure it out for me. Ha! We must be on the same wavelength because yesterday found me looking at a page of photographs and always coming back to the same one. I finally realized that it was because it reminds me of that doesn't mean that I liked it. It just means that it was familiar. Looking forward to more tomorrow!

Vee said...

Oh! Forgot the most important part. Here, I keep coming back to #4.

Jerri said...

Well, I am into cozy homes and a bit countrified....maybe #8 toned down a little......


Anonymous said...

Hawaiian!!! That is my living room!!!

Kelly said...

I like #4 and #8, but I'm not sure my living room really reflects either of these. I'm not good at or very interested in interior decorating, not to mention that my budget doesn't allow me to be choosy. Almost all of our furniture is second-hand either given or purchased very inexpensively at auction.

Mrs.Rabe said...

How on earth did I miss this post?!!!

My style is most closely to #4. I like the feel of it, even though the furniture is not all what I would choose.

My furniture is almost all hand me downs or found along the road, though the tables we have purchased. I just try to pull it together with throws, slipcovers, etc....

Can't wait to see your Thursday post!