Thursday, February 18, 2010

Living Room Project #3

So this week I did some fun little
projects in the living room.

Nothing major...just some fluffing
and rearranging of things on the

Lets remember where we started...

Before I started this process I was pretty
sure that I wanted to move the two pictures
that had been over the entertainment center
to each side of the window. This worked as
far as I am concerned and Warren agrees.

I'll show you a photo of it once the
next step is completed.

My project for this next week is to
find a soft and relatively sheer valance or
drape for the window. I want something that
is kind of creamy in color.

My question to you...

What do I do with the
rose tattouage over the window?

Shall I leave it
Paint over it?

The paint is sitting on the dining
room table. I almost painted it when I was
touching up nail holes this week but I just
want to be sure.

Then just for the time being I moved the pictures
from the window wall over the entertainment center.
It surely breaks all kinds of rules but for now
I kind of like it.

No money spent yet...but this week I will
look for a window treatment. For a while
we had a burgundy valance up there but it
wears on me. Too much strong color.
That is a very big window!

Items on the entertainment center:

Kitty - Gift from a neighbor woman when I
was a young child. One of these days
I'll tell that story.

Dress Vase - A fun paint your own pottery
I did with the kids and my friend Shelley
a couple of years ago.

Antique Clock - I first saw this clock sitting
on my In-laws Family Room Mantel. It is a noisy
clock but I never wind it. It is just beautiful
the way it is.

Candle Holder - I found this at Kirkland's in the
clearance section while looking for an Advent Centerpiece
for church.
It wasn't right for that so I brought it home.
I love it with the clock.

The Candle - Made as a gift from our friends at
Creekside Cottage.
It is bees wax and glows so
nicely with a tea light inside.

The Lamp - Inherited from Warren's Grandma Charlotte.
I love it too.

So, of all of the things that were up on
this surface before...only those that have
special meaning and play nicely together
have remained.

Thanks for your opinions last week.
I am taking all of these things into




Mrs.Rabe said...

Okay, I say that rose tattouage goes! It is pretty but it doesn't go with the border in the room.

This is fun!

Joyce said...

I would be the last person on earth to give advise about decorating a home. We have moved 11 times and I think about 3 times I had it the way I liked it and then up and away we went to another state to live:) I agree with a light window treatment as I personally like to look out and see Mother Nature out there and enjoy the seasons. Painting over the flowers? That is a hard one. I find it so pretty and it does go in your area of PA but I say wait until you get the curtain to decide on this aspect of the decorating. Like I said don't listen to me on decorating as my thing is baking:) Now Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch could give you some advice. She was here at my blog tea for Valentines and her home is amazing and she is extremely talented in putting things together so perhaps shoot her an email and ask her about your room. Just have fun decorating your lovely home.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Hi Becky, Can you bring the border around the rest of the room over the window as well? That and some lovely sheer drapes to frame the window would be wonderful. I love that the things in the room all have a story.
♥, Susan

Karen said...

I'm with Joyce in that decorating is not my thing at all-I'm much more into baking, too.

That said, I LOVE the roses and, were it me, I'd lose the wallpaper border before getting rid of the roses. You must remember that I am a floral person, though, and I see butterflies, not flowers, in your border.

I'm liking your pictures above the entertainment center. I like the balance they create with the items on top of the EC. The little picture fills in nicely over the candle and vase, the larger one fills the gap between items well.

Just keep in mind my baking abilities seem to be balanced by my distinct lack of decorating talent and take my thoughts with a grain of salt-or a cup of flour. ;-)

Nezzy said...

The roses are very pretty but this Ozarks farm chick votes they go. They really take away from the window you want to focus on. But hey, what the heck do I know! Heeeheehe! (except the interior design classes I took in college)

Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day from the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

Vee said...

I'd remove it first and then paint...if it's possible to remove it easily. Sometimes it's not.

I was just at Melissa's Inspired Room so am wondering if leaning your pictures might be an answer. That way they can overlap a slight bit and make more of a statement. Just a thought...

Love your collection of items and that clock is lovely. I have one that I don't wind either.

Persuaded said...

Love your little arrangement of things on the entertainment center. I group things I love together in much the same way☺

And I agree with many of the other ladies in that having either the border or the rose painting would be pretty, but both of them is probably too much. I vote for keeping the roses myself... maybe you could tie the rose theme in elsewhere in the room. Maybe a rose wreath or some roses on the tie backs for the curtains? That kind of thing.

This is fun! Thanks for letting us help you decorate, Becky☺

Elaine said...

Becky, You're doing what I should be doing!!...spiffying up and rearranging things in my livingroom. After the Christmas things were down I felt like it just needed something "different", you know? Of course I haven't got around to it yet. Now since it's February and we're having 70 something degree weather for longer stretches of time here in Phoenix, it has become prime time for doing things out in the yard and garden. Our 'sizzling' weather will be here before you know it so right now it's wisdom to concentrate on getting 'outdoor' things done. I love it, but I SO WANT to do some changing around indoors. I guess I'll just have to do it vicariously through your blog right now. :)

I'll be interested to see what you have some very pretty things to work with. Enjoy yourself!


Charm and Grace said...

Lovely collection! If it were my house (which it is not) I would paint over the roses. I do love roses, but I think I would get tired of them after a while. Of course, that's the case with most anything with me... LOL. Here today, gone tomorrow. There's so much beauty just waiting around the next corner...


Tracy said...

Lovely though the roses over the window are, I think it's time for them to go too... But love the feeling of this room, very cozy, Becky! It will be fun to see what you do... :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))