Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Last evening I attended a meeting
at Creekside Cottage. The flakes were
just starting to fall when our committee
arrived but by the time we left
the ground was coated.

Driving home was exhilarating,
or scary, if you prefer.

It wasn't really that bad,
but I went slowly.

This morning I headed out with
Bandit to catch some photos of the

Because, for whatever we think
of snow, there is something special
about an early morning with unmarked
snow. A certain hush with just the
song of birds breaking the silence.

Bandit wore herself out
running here and there.
She found sticks buried under
the white blanket of snow and
ran as if they were the greatest
treasures ever!

We are watching for a Nor'Easter to
come this weekend. If it reaches
us I hope it is the type that
forces us to stay at home.
Movies, candle making and
family time sound soooo good
to me.

By the way, are you getting excited
about the upcoming Olympics?

I am!



Melissa G. said...

Ohhh, the snow is so beautiful!

Marydon Ford said...

G'morn, Becky ~

We got 6" of that beautiful white stuff last night also ... then Fri/Sat in comes another & then on next Tues. So much beauty to enjoy.

Did you read about the gathering of blog ladies in April sometime ... you don't live that far from us & we'd love to have you join us?

Write me @

Have a lovely day.
Happy Valentine's ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

detweilermom said...

I am glad you got home safely. I had to drive to work last night. I left early and it took me about an hour to get there because I was driving very slowly. Didn't really have any problems until about a block from work and I almost slide into a guard rail. Sounds like Bandit had a great time. The snow did look beautiful this morning when I drove home. I like how when it snows it seems as if a hush has fallen over the world and everyone is just in awe of the beauty that God has created.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Glad you got home safely!

Jerri said...

We have had 132 inches so far with 17 inches on the seems like there isn't a place in the U.S. that haven't had their share......stay warm.


Vee said...

Your description of family time sounds heavenly. All this snow is going to slip off south of us. Fine. Really.

Yes, I am getting excited about the Olympics. With Judy and Lovella sharing about it, how can one not?

Anonymous said...

Cute video!!! The picture with the tree is beautiful!!

Carol said...

Your snow pictures are so beautiful, they would be great on notecards!

Loved your video!


Kelly said...

I, too, love a snow storm that keeps us in for family time.

The Olympics is probably the only thing we will miss not having television for. Maybe we'll be able to watch some of the internet. I've got to try to download that Firefox.

Elena said...

Brrr, lots of snow! The pictures are just beautiful and little Bandit is cute, playing in the snow! We have not had any snow here this year. Keep warm! Blessings, Elena