Saturday, February 27, 2010

Family...We are So Blessed!

Last evening we were to have
been at church for an evening
of fellowship. Some were going
to work on building or repairing
rockets, some were planning to
knit, crochet or work on scrapbooks.

However, the weather put those plans
to rest. So, Mom invited us to her
home to eat dinner. She made a wonderful
stew while Georgia had made a crockpot of
BBQ for another event which had been
canceled. On a blustery cold winter's
evening we enjoyed sweet fellowship
and many laughs together.

Just look at Chelsea's contribution.

A chocolate cheescake with cherries
and chocolate chips on the top.

I will tell you how impressive this
looked. Even the boys stuck around
for dessert with Mikey saying that
he had saved room for it.

Chelsea was beaming.

Her brothers opinions mean a lot
to her. They are amazingly close
for the three year difference in
their ages.

Not only was this beautiful but it
tasted awesome too. I ate some
cherries but ended up pushing
them to the side to enjoy the
cheesecake without distraction.

Chelsea looked at my plate and
noted that it was good she had
not made the cherries or she
would have to feel bad.
Funny girl!

After the children/young people
headed back to our house, our
Moms, Warren and I continued to
enjoy such
sweet fellowship.
For a couple of hours...

It is a wonderful blessing to have
these ladies so close, geographically.

They have each gotten into ministry,
some together, some on their own.

After the loss of each of their husbands
life was turned upside down.
It takes a long time to regain some
sort of normal but I can see God at
work in both women.

They are now blessing so many others.

Let me just tell you about some of
their activities:

Georgia is a "swim buddy" for young
children with special needs.
She volunteers at a Nursing Home,
a Horse Rescue and at a local
Historical Society. She
leads a Bible Study for women
coming out of impossible
situations and helps with a
grief share program.

Mom works many hours in a job
that allows for and encourages
ministry, helps Georgia
with the Ladies Bible Study,
she is leading a Bible Study
and mentoring a
woman who recently left an
abusive relationship,
is reading and studying
constantly about
Biblical History in the
Holy Land.
She finds some amazing facts!

God is meeting these women where
they are and is using their
willingness to serve Him.

It may not be where they thought
they would be right now...
but they are blessing sooo many!

Including us!

Thank You, Lord.
You have brought the
silver lining forth from
some very dark clouds....

All Praise be to Jesus!



Debbie Pearson said...

Chelsea's cheesecake looks scrumptious!! If only my fork could reach through the computer screen to get a bite. It is obvious you are surrounded by beautiful and inspiring women, just like yourself. Have a fabulous weekend!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I would have put the cherries aside also - no offense Chels! Not a huge cherry fan, now Tim on the other hand, would have added mine to his!

So glad you had a nice evening. We had a fun family evening too.

Marydon Ford said...

G'morn Becky ~ That cheesecake looks divine ... Chelsea did a beautiful presentation, it is enticing.

What a lovely evening with family.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, TTFN ~ Marydon

detweilermom said...

Tell Chelsia her dessert looks really good. You are so luck to have your family so close. My Mom and Dad are in Indiana and we generally see them about once a year. Dave's Mom leaves about 2 hours away but we usually don't see her more than 2 times a year. IT is amazing that it seems that homeschooled children are usually close. My oldest daughter and Hannah do alot of things together not as much now that she moved out but she still tries to take Hannah to the movies every once in awhile and she talks to her one the phone frequently.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Becky, yummy! Save me a piece. :-)

So glad you use the word 'blessed.' I love that word and it makes me crazy when people replace it with 'lucky.'

Hugs, Barb ♥

Gayla said...

Wow. That looks amazing! Would Chelsea like to share her recipe? I am going to be fixing Easter dinner and wouldn't that be a nice choice? mmmmmmm... and I would gobble those cherries. I am a cherry HOUND dog!

Elena said...

Wow, that dessert looks so good! That is so neat about your moms. Bless their hearts!

Phyllis said...

Thats the way it should be. Families spending time with each other and loving it. Glad you had a wonderful evening.

Jerri said...

First of all the cheesecake makes me want to crawl through this computer and a get a piece!!
I like your comment about "God meeting these women." I think He met me with a pair of knitting needles. I have been knitting for an organization located in Kentucky and I think I (HE) found my calling - as humble as it is.


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I missed several posts and I'm just catching up. I like the valances, and the kitty :-) The cheesecake looks delicious. When I read about your mom's, I thought of the verse about the older women teaching the younger women. What a blessing to have them so close by.

Brittany Ann said...

Women of God like this touch so many lives and don't even know it!

Vee said...

That cheesecake gone? I could leap through the screen for some and I'd eat the cherries, too.

Loved reading about your two moms. I think it's amazing that they have yielded their lives to the Lord so that He can use them. I bet these two are not much older than I so they have many wonderful years to enjoy working for the Kingdom.

Kelly said...

Both of these ladies are so sweet. We love them too! They surely are busy, but busy in good things for God and I know that He will bless them for it, not to mention all of the people who are blessed by these two sweet ladies.