Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good Morning....I've got Plans!

It is time for another chat with my friends.
You know, the kind where there is absolutely
nothing of import to share...

It is another morning before a storm.
We are thinking about things
that need to be done.
Yes, I will go get the milk.
Bread is optional since you bloggy
friends have taught me to make my own.

Over the weekend while we were snowed
in we enjoyed the fruits of a few years
of pain and struggle.

We were able to spend the evenings
and then Sunday Morning with our Moms.
Since they live so close they just walked
on over. Georgia across a path in the
back yards that Warren
made with the snow blower.
So fun!

How nice not to wonder if they were
ok...or if they were shoveled out.
We knew they had not fallen....since
they were right there, with us.

Smiling, laughing and loving us.

When we lost our Dads we acted based
on instinct more than a long drawn out
thought process and the Lord opened
doors to make houses available for
sale at just the right times.
The Lord brought buyers for their
homes at just the right moments in

It was hard.
Dealing with multiple realtors.
We were exhausted for a long time,
but in a weekend like this
the benefits are seen.

It was such a very
lovely weekend.

O.k., I know, you get it.
But it really was special.

Friday night we watched Cars.
Can you believe that
Warren and I had never seen it?
Some of the guys at Warren's work
sent it home with him and instructed him
to watch it so he would get their jokes!

Saturday evening we watched
One Night with
The King
Esther's story.
It was ok.
The story itself is amazing of course,
the acting...so-so.

Then came Sunday morning.
Church was canceled
so we just had our
own service with the Moms.

It was beautiful.

Warren had done some additional research on Esther
since it was fresh on our minds.
What a sweet time of study and prayer we
enjoyed. The Moms prayed sweetly for each
of us. When the last amen was said, Jonathan
passed the tissue box.

Why do we think of it as good when we are
brought to tears? I don't know.
Personally, I fight the tears all the way.
But, I guess that when we are at that point
we have been stirred deeper than we
often allow. Staying busy is one tool
we often employ to avoid those feelings.
At least that is true for me...

But when we allow ourselves to go there
all of our priorities come into focus.

Our relationship with our Creator,
Our relationships with our families
and time spent in our home.
A home that should be a retreat.

You see, I have an issue.
My home is not feeling so retreat-ish
to me, of late. Too much stuff has
come in and not enough has gone out.

I used to have a remedy
for this condition.

It was simple...we moved!

I love to decorate and organize
on a fresh slate.
Re-decorating is more of a struggle for me.
But, you know, since Warren says we are not
going to move into a new home so that I can
start over I am going to learn a new skill.


Join me.

Thursday, I will show you our living room
as it is now.
Then you can walk with me as I make some
changes...mostly with furniture and accessories
since I still adore the wall color and border.
They make me happy.

I will try to find my style...
and Warren's too.

I think that this time we will choose things
we love....and add them slowly rather than
try to create a complete look instantly
on a shoestring budget like I usually do.

Edited: There is nothing wrong with doing things
inexpensively, it is just that I usually make way
too many compromises when I try to do it all at
once for little to no money! Does that make
sense PJ?

Including Warren will be new too...
but I want to try. He usually just defers
to my preferences but I hope he gets involved.

We'll see if we can do it.

It will be a challenge!
A good one!



AkaPJTheGreat said...

ah, now this isn't genetic because I love to redecorate, and doing it on a shoe string budget is my specialty :)

Brittany Ann said...

I have the same issue...moving and initially decorating are a respite for me! (Although I don't enjoy the moving process. I just like the clean slate.)

Still, I'm excited for this journey of yours! Re-decorating is hard for me! It will be inspirational for all of us!

Carol said...

I can't believe you guys are getting more snow!

Moving things around always gives me a lift. Have fun with your plans. Looking forward to pictures!


Karen said...

I have the "too much stuff coming in, not enough going out syndrome", too. Sadly, I also lack any sort of decorating gene.

I'm looking forward to watching and picking up ideas from your home transformation. I need all the help I can get.

Mrs.Rabe said...

How fun!

I am eager to see what you decide on...I love this kind of thing so if you want to bounce ideas off my brain feel free!

Elena said...

It sounds like you guys weathered the storm well. How great that your mom's live close. I am so glad that my husband's folks live close. They are in their 80's now and we are able to help them with things.

Vee said...

So much to comment on here...I usually am "reduced to tears" by my husband's prayers. I used to feel embarrassed by it, now I am fine. If it happens, it happens.

Love that your mothers are so close and that you get to keep an eye on them yet they are able to care for themselves. Sounds as if they are friends themselves, too. True?

Will be watching your living room project with interest.

Thanks for your sweet comments today at my place.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your thoughts to us, Becky. :)
God's blessing be in your house.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

It's so nice that both of your mil's are so close. What a blessing. As far as the redecorating goes, a friend and I just had this conversation. She's moved alot, and she says that rotating feels a little too much like moving to her. I've only moved 4 times in my life, and one of those times was just to a bigger apt. in the same bldg. when we were newlyweds, so rotating is my way of changing things. I just change by seasons. I shop in my shed :-)