Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happenings Around Here...

The pace is picking up again
in Southern Lancaster County.

I am so thankful for that blizzard
that forced a rest and time together.

Now we are on that treadmill which is
steadily increasing in speed and noise.

With the boys preparing for their graduation
in May we have much to do.

Choosing photos for their video collage
was kind of fun.

Seeing them as children
again brings so back so many memories.
Those photos were hard copy, not
electronic but some of these will also
be in the collage.

A photo of Jonathan which
reminds me soooo much of my
Dad. He definitely looks like
my side of the family.

Then there was taking Jonathan to the Mall
to choose a suit for the Formal. Now that
was fun...kind of! He has interesting and
definite ideas of what he wants. He found
most of it. No "off the rack" suit for him!
I won't give up the details here but there
will be photos to come...let's just say that
in this he reminds us so much of Warren's
Grandpa who loved to make people smile with
his unique sense of style.

Mikey has an interview at Longwood Gardens
today. This is another step in his quest
to be a student in their
Professional Gardener's Program.

We met Georgia at the Lancaster Airport last
evening. She has been in cold Florida for
the past two weeks. It is finally warming
up down there, just in time for her
to return to the
"lovely" weather here.

Warren, Mom and I went a bit early and had
dinner at one of our favorite places which
is very close to the airport.

We then ran to the Graduation Meeting and signed the
boys up for the Formal and approved their
Bio's as well as invitation spellings.
Then back to the airport to meet Georgia
who flew in on the very tiniest
of commercial

Details.....so many details!

Then there is the fact that I picked up
yet another fund raiser yesterday and had
to deliver supplies for that to the person
in charge. Fun, fun, fun!
Thankfully she was at the grad meeting so
that could be conveniently included in our
evening's plans.

Let's see....
My financial services business remains active
with existing clients and new ones.
This is important as I need to keep
current to maintain my licenses.
So...no slouching there.
Soon I will be back at the computer
for more continuing ed.
The satisfaction that comes from
helping people reach goals is
immense. I am so hooked!
Have been for fourteen years now!

Homeschool co-op is going well
this semester. I have great helpers
in both of the classes I teach.
This is such a blessing.
The high school drama class is preparing two
skits for a small production on
March 12th. 4th-6th grade music
is making a "TV Show" much like PBS's
From the Top.
It has been so much fun to have student
camera people, interviewers and performers.
They have taken it quite seriously and
are so amazing! So far we have had performances
on the piano, bass guitar, cello and violin.

In our own homeschool we are having a wonderful
time with the anatomy and literature that we are
focusing on now. Oh my, I wish I had been so
interested in my high school years. Learning
about DNA and such things is amazing!
Our Creator
definitely shows Himself in these things.

So...as you can see it is getting a bit
crazy with activity, but we are having fun.

I did find a window treatment for the living
room and can't wait to show it to you on

I hope you are making the most of the time
you have been given. I am overdoing it,
most likely, but it comes in waves.
Just a few more weeks and co-op is
finished until September.
Time flies.

I have to tell you that I went to a Memorial
Service for a dear neighbor recently.
Her wish was that her pastor share
from Proverbs 31. It was such a wonderful
service. So uplifting and encouraging!
It is a challenge set before us...
Thanks Janet!
Such a quest to redeem the time.
Proverbs 31 is a great one to
review and strive to live up to.
I know, I certainly will be pleased
if my children ever call me "blessed".

How about you?

Are you working intentionally or are you
drifting through life just surviving?

Check out this fabulous
It's better than most
self help books on the

I've done it both ways and intentionally
is better. Now, if only I can achieve it.
Only with God's help!!!!



Mrs.Rabe said...

Life is busy, isn't it?

So amazing...

I agree with being intentional - I have been very intentional in my parenting and wifehood for many years and it is so good and important. Nothing better - it yields great rewards.

Vickie said...

Hi Becky - Isn't it all fun and sad at the same time to watch our kids grow up and out the door? Mine are a little older than yours, but I remember well the busy-ness, the pride I felt, the heartstrings tugged... It seems like they should all be little again. I miss that so.

I have to admit, I was much more intentional when my kids were smaller. I had to be. Now that they've about gone, I find I'm more relaxed at things - sometimes not in a good way. I need to make my time count and practice being more intentional again!

Sorry about your neighbor/friend that passed away, Becky. I love your Proverb that you referenced - I hope you have a great, busy, multiplied time week!

Tracy said...

You are a busy bee. I'm so excited to hear if Mikey gets the position at Longwood. That would be very exciting.

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Becky,
Just stopping by to say 'Hello.' You are a very busy girl! I also like being intentional; I get more done that way and it's more rewarding.
I was just reading up on your fabulous candles! I wish we weren't so far apart. Girl, would I love to fill my home with some of them. They sound so wonderful. Have a beautiful day.


Elena said...

Wow, you are one busy lady. You amaze me! So interesting to hear all that is happening in your family. It is so fun to make picture slide shows. With computers and software, it makes it so easy now! Take care, Elena

detweilermom said...

Sounds like you are keeping very busy but you may have to slow down again this weekend as I hear we are suppose to get another 6-12 inches of snow from tonight through Friday. Oh Joy!!. Enjoy this time as it will go by way to fast and before you know it they will have moved out and you will wonder where the time went.

Debbie Pearson said...

You are such a busy person, I don't know how you get it all done. Have a happy day!