Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard 2010 - Photos 2:25pm

My hero!
Lets see how long he
can stand to be out there.

The wind is literally shaking the house
at its gustiest. I looked up the text to
Laura Ingalls Wilder's The Big Winter.

During their three day blizzard
they had it worse. She woke up with
ice on her quilt from leaks in their
roof and the heads of all of the nails
were white with frost in their shanty.
The curtains moved from the wind coming
into their home....and more!

Now, I feel better, how about you?

You can look at the next post to
see the pile of snow on this bird
feeder just this morning.

Now the wind has carved a snowsculpture...

You can also look at the last post to compare the depth of the snow on the deck.
It is crazy. I keep finding multiple inches of snow against the door each
time the dogs need to go out. A shovel is handy.

The snow is swirling in wild patterns
through the air. It would be most fun
to watch if it didn't smack you in the

Snow makes its own attempt to decorate
the doors...



Vickie said...

Now Becky - I have to say that I kinda like your star on the door with the snow on it!

I can't believe we've had so many storms this year! Well, at least some parts of the US have. Not us. We might get a little dusting around here this Friday, but I doubt it.

I think all the politicians just better shut their traps about Global Warming. It just ain't happening! ;)

You DO have quite a hero out there!

Elena said...

Wow, the snowfall is amazing. This post made me feel like I was there. It made me look up and check our outside temp. Ha We are at a balmy 44 degrees. Something I'm sure you won't appreciate hearing in the light of weather you are having. Stay warm dear friend! Elena

Mrs.Rabe said...

During the Long Winter Laura and her family lived through multiple blizzards and almost starved to death! Yikes!

All is well here - we are getting buried but are snug inside!

Pray for Tim as he heads home from work!

Carol said...

The snow is amazing! The star looks beautiful. Warren is quite the hero! Hope the storm winds down soon.


Marydon Ford said...

G'day! We are now setting a record of the biggest snow accumulation on record. I LOVE it! We have about 54" & it isn't done yet.

Happy Valentine's ~
Have a wonderful week!
Hugs, TTFN ~ Marydon

Tracy said...

Oh, my goodness, Becky--that is a lot of snow! I think you all are soon rivaling us here in Norway for snow-count! ;o) Be safe, keep warm... ((HUGS))