Thursday, February 11, 2010

For our Family in Florida - more pics

You may be sick of seeing our
snow pictures but...

Georgia and other family members are interested
in seeing what our snow storm looked like and
what it is like now...

During the blowing yesterday a neighbor
tried to clear the road.

Today the drifts are up to my shoulders,
at least...

This is approximately the same
angle as the first photo in this post,
only the treeline is perfectly clear now.

This morning I took these from the warmth
of the living room and front door.

Then this afternoon we went out to
enjoy the amazing views and give the
dogs a chance to RUN!

Boy, do they run!
Up and down the paths cut into the snow.

Then there is Mikey...
He was riding his dirt bike,
until I made him stop,
then he climbed this mountain.
Doesn't look like much in the photo,
but this snowbank is very high.

I think it is about time we see if we can get our
Chelsea back from Creekside Cottage.
She has been there all through the storm.
A very long time to be away from us, I think!
I suspect she had so much fun that she won't
see it that way.

Adding to this post:

We did go to get Chelsea. At first we
thought it might not work out. First of all
there is only one road out of our development
at the moment and it is the one we almost never
use. The only reason it is open is because one
of our neighbors opened it up with his small
plow. By the time we went there were many inches
of snow on this road but we were able to make it.

We attempted to go to Creekside Cottage the way
we always do but realized very quickly that it
wasn't going to work. There was at least a foot
and a half of drifted snow on the road. We nearly
got stuck but did manage to turn around.

We headed West on 372. It was not great but it
was soooo much better than our first attempt.

We got Chelsea and then stopped at a grocery
store on the way home.

These were the scenes that struck us and I
wanted to share.
This snowbank is at least 12-15 feet high
and someone has placed an American Flag on
it. The wind was whipping it around like
crazy. Boy does that make you smile!
I do LOVE this country!

A road that we often take is currently not even
an option...the "left arrow" is
pointing to that road.
Georgia, this is the big
"S" curve on 372 after you pass Lapp's.

Check out the snow bank compared to this
car. The highest point in this cut drift
was several feet higher than our van.
They have brought in huge trucks with
massive snowblowers on them. We had to
wait for some to get to a good stopping
point before we could come on home.
They really blow snow!!

Well, stay warm and dry, dear friends.



Marydon Ford said...

G'day Becky ~ Looks just like our pics ... isn't it breath taking? We have more coming Sat & then on Mon I just heard a bit ago. I'm quieting down my Yippy Skippy dance a wee bit.

Happy Valentine's
Have a great weekend.
Hugs, TTFN ~Marydon

Kelly said...

Wow, we have a lot of snow here, too, but we don't have drifts that big!

We left Elvis out in the snow yesterday afternoon and when he ran through it, we could only see the top of him. He's very smart, though, he created a path for himself and now every time he goes out, he simply follows the same path.
We knew you would have to have some pathway or area cleared for Chloe and Bandit, as they are so much smaller than Elvis.

Hope to see you on Sunday!

By the way, I've already adjusted to Firefox. It really seems to be a good service. Thank that hubby of yours for the great advice! :)

Karen said...

Great pictures! Julianne and I were giggling at the dogs' pics. So cute. And so much snow!

You have had more snow this winter than we have had. We got 10" Tues-Wed. here-probably seems like nothing to all of you there. It's enough to have to shovel paths through and close the schools for a day though. We've kind of enjoyed our snow days-but Julianne would have loved to be snowed in with the girls at Creekside Cottage.

Melissa G. said...

Oh my goodness! That is a TON of snow!