Thursday, February 25, 2010

Living Room Project #4

I may have looked a wee bit
desperate as I stood in the
middle of JC Penney's
window covering displays.

A very helpful associate came
to my rescue.

You see, before I left the house
I had been online and had seen
some valances on sale that seemed
as if they would work for our
large front window.

This is a section of stores that
I glance longingly at as I pass
by. Or, in this case, Chelsea
used to be able to wear the
clothes in the next section over
and I would stare at all of that
beauty while I waited for her
to try on piles of clothing.

Finally, here I was.
In the very place that I so
longed to visit.

Now, to find those light,
soft and complimentary, without
being overwhelming, valances.

Why was I overwhelmed?

So...there we stood.
I explained that I write a
blog and that there has been
a deadline set. I whip out the
camera and show her photos of
the room. She pretends to be
very interested. There is
definite amusement as we flip
past photos of the animals playing.

We became friends,
this young woman and I.

Well, not really.

I wouldn't know her if I
saw her on the street...
but if I ever need to go back
into that section of JC Penney's
she and I are buds. I can count
on run!

Finally, after her assurances that
anything I took home that day could
be returned within ninety days I
scooped up $97 worth of goodies.


I know!

This is why I have so avoided this
section of any store I visit.

So, now I find myself
in another dilemma.

Help me, please!

What we have are ascot valances
with clear beads on the bottom.

They look better in person!

Everyone comments that they
make the room lighter as they
diffuse the light.

Of course, the roses are gone.

You knew it had to happen.
So did I.

Also, not installed, but played
with...a cream scarf. I like
the idea of the scarf....until
I stand back and look at it.

Of course, as I am putting it up
by myself it is never quite even.
That may have something to do with
my satisfaction. lol

Warren expressed definite disinterest
last evening when I was attempting to
put it back up to show you in this post.
But that could have been because it was
11:30pm and he was sooooo exhausted.

There I was taking pictures while he
vacuumed up after his haircut.

Yep! Haircut in the living room.
Works great!
I'll probably pay for posting this
photo....It was nice knowing you all!

The pictures did not turn out well
so I turned to the vignettes.
Aren't they pretty?

Now, we have plenty of tissues in
plain boxes...but this box caught
my eye at our Amish Grocery the
other day. Pretty, isn't it?
It gave me the opportunity to
do a little bit of "leaning"
as featured on Melissa Michael's
Blog the other day....

The little star that is leaning
was part of a blog giveaway by
"jAne" at Tickleberry Farm.
A very lovely woman, indeed!

Sunday we had friends over and I had this
burgundy scarf that had been the previous
window treatment laying on the table.

In a quick effort to get it out of the
way I moved it to the top of the Entertainment
Center. I like it there.
So does someone else!

He has never gone up here!
Until now...
Perhaps he wants to visit the
other white kitty.

But, seriously, one of the things I think
this room was missing was softness.
This helps, I think.

Oh, this post is long.

But, you know, here is the real
scoop. The valances are $48.
I can be satisfied to return the
$49 scarf. Or...I can keep working
at it and even recruit the help of
my friend at Creekside Cottage to
install it properly.
My main reason for wanting
to use the scarf is to cover
the wood. Warren is not in
favor of painting it...which
would be my first choice.

What do you think?

Would the scarf be too overpowering?
Make the room too formal?
You'll just have to imagine it.
I don't have any pictures with it
up because I was never happy.
None of the ten times!!!


Waiting to hear from YOU!


Nezzy said...

Becky, I so like the valance, it softly frames the view you love. I'd keep the scarf, it's a nice touch. Now if ya'll ever tire of that Kleenex box....just send it down to the Ponderosa 'cause I'm lovin' it! :o)

God bless and have a glorious day!!!

Mrs.Rabe said...


I bought those same tissue boxes! Love them.

I think you are on to something with adding the textiles. It really helps to soften all the woods, and angles of furniture and adds warmth as well.

I am not sure what you mean about a scarf for the window...not sure how you would add it with the pretty valance...maybe that is why it you haven't liked it up with the valance?

I'd be glad to come try it out with you....maybe this afternoon? Since co-op is cancelled and the storm is not coming until much later now? :)

Tracy said...

I like the valances very much. They aren't too fussy, but the clear beads seem to go with your lamps and things. I don't know about the scarf... I'd have to see it. Care to try again? :0)

Marydon Ford said...

G'morn ~
I second the above gals ... I like the valances, soft, let light thru.

Pretty kitty!

Have a beautiful day.
Hugs, Marydon

Gayla said...

Lovely lovely... I really enjoy the pictures, especially of the cat

Karen said...

Love the new valance-very nice!

So, did you paint over the roses or do you scrape them off? I didn't even know what a tattouage was until I googled it after reading your post. (That's how decorating challenged I am.)

Becky K. said...

I am so glad you like the valance. The more I thought about it the more I would rather return the cream scarf and put it toward something else. $49 is a nice amount to work with and Mom got me a $50 gift card to Kirkland's for Christmas...when I find something I like, I'll add it to the mix.

Karen...I painted over the tattouage. It is so very thin that you never even know it was there.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Becky, The room is so much lighter with the valance up! I love the whimsical feel from the crystal beads too. I also like the scarf on top, kitty has good taste. Funny, men never want to paint wooden furniture..I wonder if there is some DNA thing involved with that?
♥, Susan

~~Deby said...

I love the valances and the look you have created...I like scarves and doilies and textile and textures to add dimensions to my home and layering....oh your place looks inviting..

tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Becky!

The room is beautiful! Oh how I love your wing back chairs, simply lovely and what a beautiful view from the window.

Enjoy a wonderful coming weekend my friend.:o)



JD said...

I agree with what Beverly said above my posting here...Your VIEW, how fabulous. I also think you are doing a great job...I am decorating I always need all the help I can get...I will be changing some things in my livingroom soon, I may call on, Jill

Anonymous said...

I like your valances!!! I do know when we got our window treatments for the living room and dining room we did have to pay a little more. But we bought the kind that deflect the sun and it's a lot cooler in here in the Summer!!

We bought our other curtains at IKEA. If you ever have a chance to get there you can find some low prices and great quality! I do know there is one on the way to NJ!

Decorate how you like it!! Let it be you!!!

Manuela@TPOH said...

Hi Becky!

That valance is pretty! I like the detail of the beads on the bottom. Have you thought of maybe panels on each side with the valance in the middle? That would disquise the wood and frame the window.


Elena said...

I love the valance just the way it is. Very pretty!