Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Must Be Genetic!

I had not seen my cousin for years
until we met up again at my brother's
fortieth birthday party last year.

She had been reading here and we had
been chatting back and forth on Facebook
for a few months before that, though.

Well, the last time I had seen her she
was pretty young. I am thrilled
to see what a lovely lady she has become.
Fun and pleasant to be around.

She married a great guy, too.
We met him Friday night.
Tim has just returned from
a tour in Iraq.
I know that PJ is thrilled
to have him home...
and he seems very glad
to be back.

But why did I mention genetics in the
title of this post?

One of the first things we learned upon
seeing PJ and Tim on Friday evening was
that they were on the verge of canceling
a planned two week trip to Florida in
order to adopt a Lancaster County "Puppy
Mill" Rescue dog....And they did!

Turns out that Tim's Aunt volunteers
as a Foster Home for the Humane League.
At the time PJ and Tim got there she
was fostering four dogs.

This is such a great way to bring dogs
into a rescue. That way each dog can
be screened for aggression or other behaviors
that should be disclosed before placing out
for adoption.

The four year old small dog they adopted
is very shy. She has had a couple of litters
of puppies and does not seem to know what to
do with people. They said she is very, very
scared. That dog really struck pay dirt to
get adopted into their house though. She will
be much loved and very well treated!

Yep, loving dogs and turning our lives
upside down for them...it runs in the

The great thing about all of these changes
in plans? I get to see more of my cousins.
We are planning to bowl together today.



Tracy said...

That is fun...it's great when you hook up with family again. It's funny how as cousins we grow up, move away, lose touch. I've been happy in recent years to re-connect with some cousins too. The more family the merrier! Happy Days, Becky ((HUGS))

Mrs.Rabe said...

When I saw the title of the post, I thought you were going to post about Chelsea's red hair! When she was talking about it Friday night, I had no idea she would do it so quickly!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Good news about the adoption of that sweet dog!! We signed a petition, over the weekend, to get rid of puppy mills in MO. Hateful places!!

We support the humane society's fostering program, even though we don't foster. Our family has adopted from the humane society, as well.

Persuaded said...

There is a family in our area that runs what is unquestioningly a puppy mill out of their barn:( As Pat has said, they are hateful places. I am so torn... part of me wants to call the SPCA and report them, but on the other hand they are a Christian family (the hypocrisy, I know!) with several children. I am praying about the situation.

Praise the Lord for people like you and your cousin who take in these innocent animals and help them to heal♥

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, this is such an encouraging post. I am so happy to hear this. Our animals are so precious!

Barb ♥

Vickie said...

Good for PJ! I love her already because we are crazy over animals around our house, too! I hate puppy mills so much! It's so cruel and inhumane. They should punish such people by keeping them in cages the same way for awhile. I think I must be related to her, too! haha!

Elena said...

That is awesome!!

Vee said...

It may be! Have fun at the lanes today!

AkaPJTheGreat said...

A post all about me! I feel loved, and special, and a little important.

If your readers want to see a pic of our girl just click on my name there's a post about her up at SugarAddictAnnonymous.

Sorry to have to cancel bowling plans today, it took us 6 hours to get home instead of 3 hours thanks to one wrong turn in DC. LOL.

I've loved getting to know you again too. <3

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Isn't it funny the way this happens? I told someone that the IRS could've found out the kids were all ours, just by seeing they had the same quirks as we do :-)
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Melissa G. said...

Hi Becky, I was looking for your email address but can't seem to find it so i'm leaving a comment here instead.

I'm going to be having a couple giveaways next week to celebrate Elijah's birthday. Most of my giveaways in the past have been baby related but this time I wanted to offer something that anyone with our with out kiddos would enjoy.

Would you concider sponcering a Soy Candle giveaway? It could be anything you were willing to do.

And if not, that's ok too! I just thought i'd ask! =)

Have a great evening!