Friday, December 7, 2007

The Concert!

They dressed in their best
and put on a show
to rival the finest
of any we know!

I wanted to cry
but just had to wait
because people,
I had kids to congratulate!!

Oh my goodness! Did these kids ever work! They pulled out all of the stops and poured their hearts out into these songs. Even the 4-6th graders really did their best.

The 7-up girl's ensemble was up first with one of our two songs. Come to Set us Free. It is a Puerto Rican Folk Hymn. The melody is unique and hard to sing. I am sure the audience could not guess how hard this song was to learn because the girls made it look easy, last night! Rehearsal was a different story...but that doesn't matter now. In rehearsal we were missing three girls and one that was there had almost no voice, another one is extremely anemic right now and wasn't sure if she would have the strength to sing at all. My yesterday afternoon was tough. I just knew I was going to be "fired"!

But, when all were there and it was performance time...they really pulled it out!

The little preschool class got everyone's heart and love as they whispered Jingle Bells and shook tiny bells. You cannot go wrong if you are the teacher of preschoolers. Our ladies did a very nice job with these sweeties.

Then came the Kindergarten/1st class. They did a really cool song, acapella. I don't know what it was but it had kind of a chant/beat to it. Fun!

There were some instrumentals scattered throughout performed by students. They were superb. What talent we have in our group.

The second and third grade choir was led by my friend, Tamara, who is a professional music teacher. I am in awe of her. She led her choir with grace and beauty. The children sounded like angels. So sweet.

Now came the 4-6th graders. It seemed to take an hour to get all of them onto the stage. O.k. so I know it was just a minute or so but there are almost 40 of the little buggers. Seeing those boys in ties made it so worth all the grief they put me through this year! Ha!

They sang! Our violin accompanist was there and started out Ring the Bells with a flourish and then they sang. Our pianist is a 6th grader, named Katherine. She played so well. The audience, I am sure, had no clue that she is only in 6th grade. Such poise and professionalism. Katherine also accompanied the Kindergarten/First Grade Choir.

I was proud of the 4-6th graders for singing their best and, if any of you are reading this...for "Watching me!" Oh, is that hard for kids to do when there are parents and siblings out there trying to get their attention.

My girls, oh yes, they are my girls, finished the program in the most delightful way with their rendition of Joyful, Joyful to the World. They had me in tears and goosebumps at the end of the song. Several people rose to their feet at the least that is what I hear. I just know all of the hard work and struggle that went into learning that song and then to hear it performed flawlessly when it really counted made my week!

Finally we were off to the gym for cookies. Yum! I heard a molasses crinkle calling out my I answered!

Thanks for your nice notes of support. I know in the grand scheme of things this is not a big deal...but here it was a big deal. The showcasing of a semester's worth of work and effort.

I was so frazzled that when I left the house, camera in hand, I did not check for the CF card in the little slot, thingamajig. So, I did not capture any photos. I hope that my dear, dear friend Mrs. Rabe caught some priceless moments and will be willing to share them over at Creekside Cottage. By the way, Mrs. Rabe, I loved your snow post. Your cottage and lamp stand look just darling in the snow!

Thanks to Mom, for getting off work early to be there and to Jon and Sue for making the extra effort. Sue, feel better soon! Jon, no more accidents, hear?!?
Judy, Kara and Jack...I hear you were there. Sorry, I didn't get to talk to you! Thanks for coming!

Have a Happy day, All!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Congratulations on a wonderful, wonderful evening....sounds like everyone put a lot of work into making it such a success!

smiles, kari and kijsa

Anonymous said...

How exciting to learn of how God used you and others in putting on this production. I'm sure hardts were touched and joy was to be found in great supply!

Bless you!

Becky K. said...

Oh Sherry, you are so right. It was so special in the music room before the concert to have a time of prayer with the girls. We were reminded of the reason we sang. I do hope that someone was moved to come closer to the Lord or come to find HIM.

Anonymous said...

Becky, my watch alarm went off at 4 PM and I prayed for you to have peace and that all would go well and it looks like prayers were answered quickly!! I am so glad you got to enjoy and not fret!!

I hope Dee took pictures or Phyllis!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Well, our camera was left in the car, and we didn't even think about it! I think I will email the group and have people send me photos digitally! I would love to post them!

It was a wonderful night, everyone did so well. After not having a Christmas concert for 5 years, it was so delightful to do one again!

Your groups did wonderfully, Becky. You are such a great encourager and so cheerful and fun, they just had to "sing their hearts out" for you!

Your girls, did such a great job. These lovely young women, were just preschoolers when the co-op started! Amazing!