Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Joy of Giving!

Our Mikey discovered the joy of giving this Christmas. Having a job for the first time he had his own money to spend...and he did! He was so excited to see everyone open what he had gotten them. It blessed this mama's heart.

Chelsea had spent time making a special gift for Grandma Georgia. It was a wooden recipe box that Chelsea painted and labled "Grandma's Recipes". She loved watching Grandma Georgia open it.

Grandma Ruth spent hours and hours making blankets for Jonathan and Chelsea. Jonathan is nearly 6'5 and finding blankets long enough and warm enough is quite the challenge. I asked Mom if she thought she would want to make him one and boy did she rise to the challenge.The joy on the kids' faces and the happiness on Mom's face was great!

Here, a silly Jonathan models three of his gifts all at once. The leather hat, a warm and very goofy hat that he wanted and Grandma Ruth got, and the wolf t-shirt from Grandma Georgia.

We found that leather hat for Jonathan while in Delaware after the Wynonna Concert so we were relieved when it fit him and he loved it. We wouldn't really have wanted to make a return on that.

A funny gift...Grandma Ruth had found this for Mikey last year after Christmas. Mikey eats a lot of hot dogs and this just was too cute to pass up.

It says "You are what you eat" and has the very loooong bobble head man passing a hot dog to the bobble head "weiner dog".

For our bowling friends who read this blog, Chelsea got her bowling ball and a matching bag. I nearly choked when she opened the bag first. I then scurried to dig out the box with the ball so she could open it.
I am so relieved that she loves the color. She has been pointing out different balls to me and none of them were exactly like this. But, how could we go wrong with purple and blue sparkly?

The highlight of the gift exchange
this year
truly was
watching the giver enjoy
the recipient's enjoyment.

We enjoyed our time with the family and had a very tasty and filling dinner with family and friends that were on their own yesterday. It was very nice. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas with humor, memories and love.


Mrs. Rabe said...

How wonderful Becky!

I love to see the kids excitement when the gifts the used their own money for are opened and enjoyed!

Congrats to Chelsea. Certain people got some bowling stuff for Christmas this year!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Where is your picture Miss Becky??

I love seeing the family pictures!!

I think Phyllis got some new bowling shoes!!!