Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Believe it or Not!

I debated all day whether or not to share this. I want to share it because to me it represents the love of God in the very details of our lives. If you have read this blog very long you know that I lost my Dad in November of 2005. That was, and is, hard. Last evening I got a phone call from my mother, who has moved in two doors down from us and about three hours away from her "home base". This is important to the story so hang with me if you can.
As I answered the phone, Mom's excited voice on the other end said, "I just saw your Dad on TV!" I admit that for a second I had to wonder what in the world Mom was talking about but she went on to explain that she was watching a religious broadcasting channel and it was showing an older event that had happened at Penn State several years ago. It was during this time that my Dad managed a Radio Station and other ministries in the area and they had co-sponsored Ravi Zacharias coming into the area. While Ravi was there he did a question and answer time in Eisenhower Auditorium on the Penn State Campus. For whatever reason this was being replayed last evening and Mom stumbled across it.
As Mom realized what she was seeing it occurred to her that She, Dad and other friends had been sitting on the front row. She began to strain to see if she could spot any of them. It was dark and grainy. She couldn't see anyone in the audience clearly. She wished/prayed that somehow she would be able to see Dad...then it happened. There he was with one of his best friends at his side full screen, arms crossed, listening for all he was worth and totally enjoying himself!
Mom said that she yelled his name so loud it scared her dog and cats. Amazing, isn't it? My Dad was not a television personality. After two years we would never expect to see him on TV anywhere. But here he was, in the Christmas Season when he is so much on our minds. I think it was a precious gift of our Heavenly Father to my Mom.
Definitely not a coincidence.
I just don't believe in those.

A few family pictures:
This was me with Daddy on my wedding day in 1989!

This was a happy Grandad with our three children back in 1995.

The summer of 2005 on a trip for the Radio Station to Papua New Guinea. This was just months before he went "home". He was soooo happy to make this trip!!! We knew he wasn't well but never thought the end would come so soon.


Tracy said...

What an amazing story...So sweet! Thank you for sharing...I too, believe there are no coincidences in late, all happens for a reason. ((HUGS))

Kari & Kijsa said...

This brought tears to our eyes. God always knows what we need when we need it! May you have a most cherished Christmas.

kari & kijsa

Haus Frau said...

there are no coincidences. everything happens with a specific timing/reason - it's a God thing.

what a lovely albeit bittersweet story you've shared.

((( tender hug )))

Elijah's Mommy said...

Thanks for sharing that. I love how God does those special things for His children just when they need it. He is good.
The pictures were great too. I'm glad to have a face to put with the stories you tell of your dad.

Miss Paula said...

That was a wonderful blessing for your mom and for you to hear. I bet calling out his name came so natural to your mom. It would have been something for you to have been the fly on the wall to see her probably full of Joy!

Thanks for sharing! We are all sisters and we need each other.

Tomorrow is the day my dad died.

Our wedding dresses are so similar and also the hat and hairstyle!!

Alicia said...

This is so great Becky! Thanks for sharing. Isnt God good?! I dont believe in coincidences either, it all happens for a reason and because God put it there! So sweet of a story.

Terri and Bob said...

Lucky woman. My mom would have loved for this to have happened.

Jane said...

How wonderful! I love when God does the little things in our lives that renews the awareness that He is acutly in love with us!

I have thought of the blessing God has given us of memories. Sometimes they cause pain; but in the end they are such a blessing -- that we can look back and remember.

THanks for sharing,

(Thanks for your gracious comments over at my place - you are a blessing~)

Mrs. Rabe said...

How awesome!

And oh Becky, if Chelsea isn't the image of you!