Saturday, December 29, 2007


Penn State vs. Texas A&M...


Patriots vs. Giants

Both at 8pm

Both hard played and close games!

We have them on split screens and can you believe I cannot keep my eyes open???

A quick trip here to the computer to finish up the bulletins and other details for church tomorrow...

Next decision...more football or sleep?



Alicia said...

You are so funny Becky!! It is definitely a football day here too! My husband is a dye hard fan of Texas A & M. His papa was a huge fan, and so now Ryan is carrying out the cheering for them both!

As you can tell, we watched the, Aggies, but at half time we watched the other game...

Happy football watching!! I watch it just to be a supportive wife!

Martie said...

The sounds of football games ALWAYS put me to sleep. (My husband can not understand that one.)