Saturday, December 29, 2007

God's Love for Us

Sometimes having teenagers is a great reminder of how much God must love us. This is what came to me after waking Mikey and taking him to work this morning:
No worries, it is not profound!

Teenagers can be obstinate...I can be obstinate.

Teenagers want the earth to revolve around them...I want it to revolve around me.

Teenagers don't have the experience to make the "best" choices...
I don't have God's perspective so don't always make the "best" choice.

Teenagers are grumpy at parents who get them up in the morning, even when it is in their best interest so they can be at work on time...I can get grumpy when God gives me a wake up call and it changes my plans.

Teenagers are struggling to step out of the safe cocoon that has held them for many years...I am longing for the feeling of that safe cocoon.

Teenagers want to know if they are going to get a ride home from work today....I want to know if God is going to carry me through this "job" of raising teenagers.

And yet...I love these sometimes grumpy, unappreciative, eat you out of house and home young people so much that it hurts. My children are the dearest thing in the world to me. I would give my life for them. I would kiss away every boo-boo. I would fight to keep them pure and out of as many negative consequences as I possibly can...oh that I could keep them from all! But, I can't. I am trusting God to work in them for that and doing the best I know to do.

God loves me so much that He did give up His own life for me. He has given me all of the information I need to make right decisions and choices to avoid negative consequences in his Holy Word...but sometimes I am strong willed and do it my way.
I suffer the consequences.
God loves me so much...
it hurts Him too.

I am His child.


Anonymous said...

Amen to this Becky! You are good at making the comparisons. We want so desparately to have our young adults make the right choices when it's there decision before God. We have to step aside and let them fail and learn to succeed. This is very hard as we want to put our two cents in. (sometimes a quarter)

Alicia said...

This is absolutely beautiful Becky. I love your comparisons because I think all to often people look down on young adult/teens, when we also fall short on many things as well! Thanks for sharing this!!!

Persuaded said...

Oh, my, this certainly hit home for me! I am a bit embarrassed to realize how very much like a cranky teen I can be at times... thankfully (oh-so-thankfully!) our Lord loves us even so..

thanks so much for sharing this, and thanks for your kind comment on my blog:-)

Pauleen said...

Thank you - How true your thoughts are - I needed this reminder that I also am a work in progress not just my children.