Monday, December 31, 2007

My very first meme...

I have been carded...
that sounds rude.

Miss Paula asked me to play along on this really fun game...
ahhh that sounds better!

Being carded means I will come up with two wish lists-one that is materialistic and one that is spiritual. Here are the rules:
1. Each player starts with 5 gifts that they would want for the New Year.
2. People who are “CARDED” need to write their own Blog about their 5 things & post these rules.
3. At the end of your Blog, you need to choose 5 people to get “CARDED” and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a COMMENT telling them they’re “CARDED”, and to read your Blog.

Materialistic Wish List:

1. The first thing that came to mind is a new bathroom! I am so ready to say "goodbye" to the powder blue floor, tub and tiles! Then that faux marble countertop needs to go too!

2. A new kitchen floor would be nice..although this one hides a lot!

3. Comfy but pretty furniture in our Living Room.

4. A Sun room.

5. Hmmm....that's all I got! It's all about our home, isn't it?

Spiritual List:

1. More times with the Lord like He gave me yesterday.

2. The wisdom to deal with my teenagers.

3. A better understanding of His Word.

4. The ability to serve more and with joy.

5. A desire to retreat into HIS Word.

Here is who I am carding:

No one...I'm breaking this rule. I am a rebel!
If you would like to share...I'd love to read it so please consider yourself carded and let me know that you did it!

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Anonymous said...

This blogging experience gives me an opportunity to share what is on my heart where friends like you and others listen! Thanks!!