Monday, December 3, 2007

The Storm

As I predicted in my poem the winter storm warnings were overblown for us in Lancaster County. We got no snow, a tiny bit of ice and then rain. I must confess to being a tad disappointed but had to come to grips with it as Warren was flying yesterday on business and I know that it was better if he did not have to be in danger.

He wasn't in danger from the weather, but the poor guy was squished, on both flights, in two very tiny planes with other generously proportioned people sitting next to him. He is not well, having this flu/cold that are going around so it was a nasty travel day. Then there was that three hour layover in Atlanta.
Poor guy.
But he made it.

Today we will get our school work completed and I must make candles. The store that carries our soy candles is getting low on one size so I must get more out to them. Then, this evening we are visiting with another congregation to see about using their beautiful church building for services.

It should be a comfortably busy day. Not too much...just enough.

Hope your day is very good and that the weather is nice where you are.


Mrs. Rabe said...


Enjoy your day!

Last night I went out in that rain and fog to go get Nate, I was happy it was not icy or snowy!

Terri and Bob said...

Hey Becky! I joined WW this weekend! Today is HARD. I think it might be my head cold, though.

Anonymous said...

Your poor hubby - so glad he's home and no longer squished while going through the cold thing. Been there done that - nothing worse.

Tracy said...

Amazingly enough we've not had snow yet here in southern's not far off though, we may have a white Christmas. Happy days ((HUGS))