Saturday, December 15, 2007

Attention Homeschoolers!!!

Check out my new Blog just for us...or anyone curious about the Homeschool World...
at Homeschooling at Hospitality Lane.

Mrs. Rabe, from Creekside Cottage will be contributing ideas and articles directly onto this blog, as well.

We understand that we are a strange bunch, those who desire to keep their children at home and take full responsibility for their education. It is not easy and we can use all of the support and ideas we can get. I am thankful for the Co-op we attend. For the friendships, courses and encouragement found there.

I am thankful for those teachers and principals out there who do their jobs in the public and private schools with a passion... for not all families are called to Homeschool. Thank you for the job that you do every day for the children.

Blessings on your day and I hope that you are enjoying this Christmas Season wherever you may be...

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