Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Today's Bowling Experience

Did you ever wish you could outgrow that insecure feeling that you felt in High School? Well, today mine came out in full force. There I was bowling with Jon and Chelsea having a total blast and a great game....if I do say so... when Chelsea began groaning in despair after each roll of the ball. She caught the eye of one of the coaches working with a lady beside us who then decided that she should be helpful. Poor Chelsea was so embarrassed to have been singled out and then I bowled poorly for the next few frames as this coach and then another came out to offer their advice.
Now, Jonathan, after receiving his instructions from these ladies proceeded to roll three strikes in a row as soon as their backs were turned...the turkey!
After these kind ladies left the building I finally pulled it together and got back into the game. The poor ladies were trying to be helpful. Why did I let my pride get in the way? Sigh....some of us just never grow up, I guess!

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