Friday, September 7, 2007

Introducing Myself

On Sunday I will turn 40! While this is supposed to be a time to shudder and spend oodles of quality time in reflection and consideration for how we have lived the first "half" of our lives I am excited to see this milestone come.

I am married to a very hardworking and wonderful man who cares so much for his family. He is my best earthly friend.

We have three wonderful, if human, children whom I spend a great deal of time with since we homeschool together. Oh, the things I learn as we discuss the topics of history, science and more. Time is winding down on our homeschool years as our youngest is 12 and in the 7th grade. You can find her blog at Chelsea is a writer, a planner and my biggest encourager. She loves to help around the house and is always interested in learning how to do those homemaker skills such as cooking, sewing and now cake decorating.
The middle child is Mikey, 14, who wishes he were 21 and done with this growing up process. Little does he know that there is no magic number that allows you to feel grown up and free to do whatever you wish. We will keep working on that understanding with him. In the meantime he is a busy boy with a passion for skateboarding, working at a local feed store and participating in his Youth Group.
Our oldest is Jonathan, 16. He is extremely sensitive and caring and sees himself in a counseling career at some time in the future. Jonathan has had his share of struggles with learning and has perservered. We have found many techniques of teaching that I will share on this blog. So many times my heart has ached for him as he struggled to do the simplest math problems but at the same time I marvel at his ability to know every detail about some complex war that he heard only briefly about. He is indeed a special one.

We live in a home filled with 2 cats, 2 dogs, several fish and a guinea pig. Our assortment of animals is completed by the chickens who give us fresh eggs most days (they are case there was a question!).

We attend a small local congregation of believers with whom our family spends the majority of our social time. This is a time of change for our church as we are in the process of seeking a new location for Sunday worship and seeking the Lord's will in our affiliation in or out of a denomination.

The kids and I participate in a home school coop, which has been a true blessing. We have all made lifetime friends there.

My husband and I serve on our County Homeschool Coalition Board and are pleased to assist in the preparations for the countywide graduation ceremony which has nearly 100 graduates each year. It keeps us motivated to keep going in the daily efforts of learning until it is our turn to celebrate on that stage!

I have two things that I do in an effort to supplement the family income. For the past 11 years I have been a Personal Financial Analyst and very much enjoy helping friends reach their dreams and goals in a way that honors and glorifies God. So many times we get mixed messages about our finances. I strive to assist people in living debt free and saving in the best ways available to them.

The other thing that I do more as a hobby is candlemaking. I got into this because my former neighbor made candles for her own use and had retired. She was looking for something to do and I offered to use my knowledge of finance to help her start a candle company. I found out that making candles is a blast and joined her in the creative process. We make soy or gel candles only as we are not fond of soot! You can see some of our products at I really need to spend some quality time on that site updating, etc but it is fun to see what we enjoy making.

Enough for now. I have so much to share. I have been reading blogs for a little while now and accumulating ideas as to what I might like to share with you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
It's me again. I feel we must be kindred spirits in some way. As I read your blogs SO much of your life mirrors mine. Your birthday is one week before mine, (mine is 9/16). I also celebrated reaching 40. I couldn't understand why others did not. Now, as I approach 48 this Sunday I am beginning to understand. I can see "50" in the near distance. ((shudder)) Somehow 50 is not as exciting as 40 was. (smile)

I now have wonderful silver/white highlights in my hair. My hair stylist keeps suggesting it is time for me to dye. My response ..."these are my wisdom highlights and I have paid dearly for them. I choose to keep them thank you very much!"

We also have a menagerie of animals who all live inside the house; dogs, cats, rabbits. We love them dearly but wow! do I vacume alot.

I also tend to stay on the busy side of life. When I left the healthcare field to be a SAHM I thought my days would be calmer ... silly me! I always seemed to be busier. But, I have learned how to listen to the gentle leadings of the Holy Spirit and now try to only take on the work the Lord has designed specifically for me. I find I can accomplish so much and never feel stressed as long as I am walking in His will.

Time for me to go administer an Algebra 2 test to my sweet daughter. Have a blessed day. I look forward to chatting again soon.

PS: I do not blog yet. I only read a few friends' blogs. Maybe one day we can exchange personal e-mails and chat. :)

Becky K. said...

Hi Again Deborah,

Hmmm...yes, we do seem to have a lot in common. I am so glad that I started this blog now. I thought, and still wonder, if I am crazy to add one more thing...but this is so fun and enjoyable. My poor family won't have to hear the many thoughts and ideas running around my head because I can just pop downstairs and type away.

As for learning how to slow down...lets just say that I am working on that. The Lord recently helped me to say no to a large commitment and it was so freeing. He also showed me that my saying no allowed another friend to serve and get a huge blessing from it. Now I wonder if I'll remember that the next time...Sigh...

I have the boxes of hair color in my closet and every now and then I use one. I, too, kind of enjoy the gray streaks that are showing up along my hair line. What is up with that? Are we not vain enough? Ha! My mother has a beautiful head of silver hair. My great-grandmother was pure white in her 30's.

Blessings on your day. Thanks so much for spending some of it here.

Becky K. said...

Oh Deborah -

I forgot to say Happy Birthday!

Take some time for yourself and relax, be pampered and enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you sweetly for the birthday wishes. My family is taking me out for dinner and I get to chose the restaurant. Yippee!!!

I checked out your candle site. I love candles, scented and unscented ... my home is FULL of them. I may just have to order a couple of yours. :)

Blessings on your day,

Becky K. said...

Hi Deborah,

We love the soy candles! Have you burned any of them yet? They burn so long and hold the scent so nicely. The best thing, though, is that they don't make that black soot that paraffin candles do.
What kinds of scents do you like?
I've been using mulberry spice and love our blueberry vanilla for my own candles.
The teacup candles are fun. We sell a lot of those. The prices on the web site are out of date and higher than we are selling things for now. I keep meaning to redesign the site completely but haven't gotten there with all of the family issues that have cropped up. We moved my mother into the house two doors down last summer after Dad died and now this summer we moved Warren's mom in next door after his dad died in April. Until just recently life felt like it was on fast forward and there was no way to get off. I am finally feeling that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
So that was more info than you probably bargained on.
Have a super birthday and feel free to email me directly at sometime.
I am headed to a Women of Faith Conference tomorrow so will not be checking my emails after tonight until Sunday.