Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Ball Game

Tonight was interesting.
The story begins in November of 2005 when my Daddy became gravely ill. He was in the Hospital and things went from bad to worse until finally within a week he was home in heaven. We knew that it was his desire to be an organ donor but knowing that most of his body had suffered terrible effects from Diabetes figured that it was only a nice thought on his part. We found out that this is not true and several individuals were able to benefit physically from my Daddy's passing. This means that we are now a part of a very unique group of people who share only their grief and a hope for others well being. Mom was made aware that she could make a quilt patch that would be added into a quilt for 2005 organ donors. She busily used some of Dad's shirts and cross-stitched his name onto a quilt square.
Now we get to this evening and the ball game. The quilt has been put together and was on display at our local ball game this evening. The donor program gave each family 4 comp tickets. I am not a huge fan of baseball....but I remember so well the am radio whistling while Dad listened to the games in the car...the nights we would pile into the car to see local teams play ball...Daddy loved it so it seems rather appropriate that this is how this whole donor experience should culminate.
We found the quilt at a booth and a gentleman who smiled from ear to ear at us as he explained that 7 years ago he was the recipient of a heart. It touched me to the core for I knew that his gain was someone's unbelievable pain. I wonder about that family and pray that they are aware of the joy that another family is experiencing because of their sacrifice. Believe me, the practicality of organ donation is rough. There are a lot of questions to answer at a time when that is the last thing you want to do. I think the only way Mom got through it was knowing that it was what Dad wanted. She had to do it for him.
The very subject of organ donation is touchy and very personal. I am still unclear of my own feelings in this matter...I just know that because of a decision made by my very generous father I am a part of the organ donor community and I think it is an ok place to be.
The ball game? We lost! Can you believe that we were up 7 runs to 0 and we still lost??? Did you know that teams don't shake hands at the end of the game anymore? Or was this a one time oversight? I was shocked and amazed and saddened that this simple courtesy was ignored. So, between the thousands of over imbibed souls who sat all around us, the lack of enthusiasm of the team and the seeming loss of courtesy, I think I am going to continue my passion for football and Nascar and let someone else sing about being "Taken out to the Ballgame".


Keith said...

Greetings, young lady! I have very fond memories of you, your family, and MY birthday at your house! Thank you, once again, for such a great time!

You also may not know, or may have forgotten that our daughter Rachel was an organ donor at the age of not quite three. It seemed to give some purpose to an unbelievably brief life. Quite a long and good story. Maybe we will talk about it sometime.

Many blessings to you and your family.

- Keith

Becky K. said...

Hey Keith,

You get a birthday again next year as it is leap year...right?
Oh, it was fun to "surprise" you.

I don't think I knew that Rachel was an organ donor. Ahhh...bittersweet, isn't it?