Thursday, September 20, 2007

Colonial Williamsburg

After the great experience at Women of Faith it was on to a quick trip to Williamsburg, VA with the family and some other friends from our homeschool group. These pictures were taken about halfway through the first day...sorry for the poor gives an idea.
I am in the back in between my very tall son and the other son, the class clown. I am wearing a bright orange shirt. It came in handy when others were looking for us.

My dear friend, Mrs. Rabe, suggested making the dresses for the girls. She was also inspired and talented enough to make one for herself. It was sweet to see the girls and Deanna coming up the main street looking so appropriate with their surroundings. Strangers asked for their picture! Honest! I witnessed it myself.

My mother helped Chelsea make her dress. Thanks Mom!!!
Chelsea is in the green dress with ponytails in the middle of the girls.
That day was as fun as it could be with two teenage boys who would rather have been somewhere else. They survived and the next day was more to their liking as we visited The Living Museum and Buckroe Beach.
The Living Museum is great. This must have been our third time there. We spent the most time this time of any and it just keeps getting better. Highly recommend it! Pictures to follow when I get them from Chelsea's camera.
Blessings on your day. We are off to get ready for our first day of Co-op.

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