Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ripples in our World

Are you a Ripple or a Wave?
I am a leader.
It is a gift and a curse.
People ask me, "How should this be done?"
"How should I handle that?".
I spout out "wisdom" of all kinds on a daily basis.
Lord help those that are doing the asking
if they follow my advice.
The problem comes in when I think I should put myself into
every project that beckons me.
I see the potential.
I know how great everyone of these projects could be!!!!
I just know that if I do'll be the best thing ever.
I often volunteer before others get to offer.
Lately, I have been thinking about making gentle ripples
in the pool of life instead of great tidal waves.
If I go around making big waves
who am I drowning in my wake?
A big wave goes by and makes lots of noise,
and quite an impression
and then it is over.
A gentle ripple lasts longer and has a pleasant way
of touching the surrounding area
spreading larger and larger until it is
smoothly absorbed into its surroundings.
So, this is my goal: to be a gentle ripple.
Gently touching lives around
me for Christ.
I don't want to continue to be that
huge wave who pushes others away in my quest for...
Through Your help, Lord...
Let me be a Ripple in your pond of life.


Anonymous said...

Very well said!! I wish I learned this lesson earlier. You do a good job and I'm proud of you!!


Becky K. said...

Thanks Mom!
I love You!