Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Adoring the Creator

Last week we were in Potter County, Pennsylvania. The slogan there is "God's Country". You know that in some ways that is true. We know that the Bible says, "The Heavens declare the glory of the Lord" and if we don't do it the very "rocks will cry out" in testimony of the greatness of God. Well, the untouched beauty and the clarity of the skies and the Milky Way in that area certainly do focus your attention on a Creator who made it all happen. More amazing than that is that He tells us all of this came into being with the sound of His voice.
You know, if I could just get my kids to clean up after themselves with the sound of my voice I would be very pleased but this is amazing. Creation screams, "Look to the Creator...HE did this!"
My cousin called the other night and was totally thrilled because for 20 years she has been trying to see the infant sea turtles make their migration from the nest to the sea. On Sunday it happened for her. She said they were so tiny but so perfect and they each had their own way of getting it done. The first one came out, moved around all of the obstacles walked into the ocean, pointed his nose just the right way and caught the first wave. The second little fellow insisted on doing it the hard way. He climbed over the seaweed in front of him, the equivelent of a large mountain, spent some time flipped over on his back, finally made it to the water, where after a couple of attempts he finally figured out how to catch the wave and off he went.
That so reminds me of we human beings. For some reason some of us really have to take the hard path. We have to try it ourselves and we flounder...but in His time and with His help His children will make it. We will catch that big wave.
Our Creator is worthy of worship and adoration in the biggest city or in the remotest mountain...but to me He surely is easier to see where His work is most untouched.
Lord, help me to see YOU everywhere and in everything today.

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