Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Virginia Pictures

Mikey and Jonathan just have to do this every time we go to Williamsburg. At 6'4" I am pretty sure that it is getting more uncomfortable for Jonathan each time.
The Living Museum was the one thing that caught and held Mikey's attention while we were in Virginia...this... and the beach!

How do you get your 14 year old to come out of his shell?

At The Living Museum - Chelsea and Mikey build a fort. This was a great exhibit that is going to be at this museum until November. You must make it through this maze without "Dying" by losing all of your wealth, health, food, or morale. You earn these things by participating in games such as wall climbing, animal identification and answering questions about the Jamestown Colony. Just trust me that it is FUN and you really do learn! I "died" from a bad mosquito bite.

Doesn't Chelsea look darling in this garden?

This beautiful walkway beckoned to us...we just HAD to walk through it.

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