Thursday, September 13, 2007


When I was newly married and had our first home my ideas of entertaining guests were quite different than they are today. First, the house had to be absolutely spotless...there were no children, there are children. If I waited to entertain until the house was spotless it would just never happen.
I used to think that guests wanted my undivided attention the entire time they were with, they must have been exhausted when they left! My current approach is that most are treated like family and can feel free to hang out in the kitchen as I prep or are free to hang out in the yard or living room whatever is most comfortable for them. Those who are in our home on a regular, even weekly, basis know where the coffee cups are and help themselves to the basics. I prefer it this way. It is not a huge event to have guests now so that I put it off. If after church on Sunday the idea hits to grab a family to invite for lunch I don't stress if the kids' schoolwork is not put away.
You know, it has occured to me that most people are more comfortable in a "lived in" home than a showplace. I guess that comes with experience.
As a result of my relaxation our home has become a frequent "hang-out" on Sunday nights for friends from church, whether they be singles, single parents, or young families looking for mentoring. I welcome them with open arms and point out the mug cupboard!


Anonymous said...

You are *so* right on, Becky! I used to labor over how my home appeared, wanting it *****perfect***** before allowing guests in my front door. I used to vacume 2x a day..weird. No more. I have a fairly clean home but don't peek under the fridge or in corners - I can tell you right now where webs and dust bunnies are and I'm fine with it. While I love an absolutely clean home, I don't freak out if things are 'just so'. Big change. Folks now come over and feel at ease...

Mrs. Rabe said...

I completely agree with you dear friend. And yes your home is welcoming, because you are a warm, lovely lady, who shares gracious hospitality with all.