Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The candles are finally done is just past 11:00pm and I am so tired. I must get the candlemaking supplies in a more organized manner. It was so nice when we made the candles at the neighbor's house but didn't she up and sell her house to my mother-in-law!
O.k., I admit I had something to do with helping that to happen (and I am super glad that it happened)...but at the time I did not take into account what was going to happen to our entire inventory which is currently primarily in the garage and our dining room. This has been a recent transition so I'll figure it out but until then...I'm ahunting everything I need.
I now smell of an interesting combination of Honeysuckle, Pearberry, Tranquil Sleep, Ocean, Cinnamon Stick and Harvest Spice! Lovely scents...just not all at once. :-)
So, between our regular schoolwork, taking one son to work, picking him up, eating a fine meal that both Moms pitched in on, taking and picking up both boys to and from Youth Group, enjoying some time with a couple of neighbor kids and our Pastor and filling this is time to snooze!

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