Monday, September 24, 2007

A New Day!

Last week's big Field Trip was great! Oh, to be able to do that every week...well, maybe not. I am still recovering from all of the exciting input of seeing Patrick Henry's famous "Liberty or Death" speech reenacted and the beautiful horses and carriage carrying "Mrs. Martha Washington" into town. Ahhh... it was nice.

But, it is also nice to wake up in my own bed knowing that we have a plethora of interesting learning to get into here. It would be lovely if the children felt as interested as I, but, I guess I wasn't at their ages either. Anyway it makes it challenging to get their attention and get a brisk discussion going.

So, today we will be plowing through our math and spelling, then off to French and History before we read from our book, Airborn by Kenneth Oppel about a young man who is working on an airship to support his family after his father died. So far, so good. The kids are getting into it and even break out in giggles every now and then as the characters are described or act out.

Speaking of Airships, that reminds me that yesterday around 7:45 am Mikey came and got me to see a hot air balloon that was headed straight for our house. A year or so ago, one landed in our street so we thought maybe this would be another exciting time...but, alas, they just floated gracefully right over the tree tops and directly over our house. The people in the basket seemed entranced by the view they were seeing.

It did make me think of the book, Airborn, though, and how different it would be to float through the Air as if it were a cruise ship. This is how Kenneth Oppel makes this Airship appear. It is like a grand and glorious cruise ship in the air with all of the people on board caring only for their own luxuries. Only our hero of the story and his new friend have more serious concerns and a mystery to solve.

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